• I have a site with WP+BuddyPress. There are thousands of pages I want to be cached but the whole cache is deleted every time some activity happens at the site. Any activity, not just new post or comment which are rare. If a user changes their profile, the whole cache of posts is deleted. Which means the cache is deleted every 1-2 minutes.

    Cache Delivery Method: Expert

    Checked options:
    Don’t cache pages for known users. (Recommended)
    Cache rebuild. Serve a supercache file to anonymous users while a new file is being generated.

    I cache posts only (is_single).

    PRELOAD MODE activated. Supercache files will not be deleted regardless of age.

    And I tried to turn on Lock Down, no use. It added the notice that my comment is awaiting moderation and deleted the cache nevertheless.

    What I can do to refresh cache files on timer, not every minute (sometimes every few seconds)?

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    I guess this plugin just doesn’t work with BuddyPress properly. Whatever options you check the cache is deleted on every occasion.

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    It’s not WP Super Cache plugin, it’s BuddyPress. Overcompatible, if I can say so.

    File buddypress/bp-core/bp-core-cache.php, line 39
    return prune_super_cache( $cache_path, true );
    was responsible for nonstoppable clearing.

    The issue is resolved.

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