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    Categories and monthly archives display the correct number of posts for a category or month in the sidebar; category and archive pages are associated with expected permalinks when they are selected, but, each categorical and monthly archive is only populated by my most recent posts, by date, in descending order.

    I’m fairly sure the problem is in a theme file as I had this issue out of the box with my theme (although archive.php seems to be in order).

    WP and all plugins are up to date. I’ve validated my markup; updated WP tags in theme files that have changed since 2.2; re-installed WP; deactivated/reactivated all plugins; deleted, reposted all entries; deleted and re-added all categories.

    Any other ideas will be a help.

    Sorry I’m unable to publish my site’s URI publicly, but I am happy to post any code people might be interested in seeing into a paste-bin.

    Thank you.

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  • it could be your theme, change the theme and see if it changes.

    i had a theme that did that too, look at your index.php file

    Even better, look at your theme’s archive.php and category.php pages. If you have them, they rule those layouts.

    @mrbig – Default theme behaves as expected.

    @ccoupe – There isn’t a category.php file in this theme, so I agree that the issue may/must be in archive.php, but I don’t have the skills to see what is wrong.

    I have posted archive.php in the paste-bin if anyone is interested in looking at it.

    I will post any other files anyone would like to see.

    Thank you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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