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  • I set my site up with a static front page (which I shouldn’t have done, since I have no idea how to set it up.), various pages and blog. Everytime an archive page shows up on google, it says “not found”. I re-directed some of them with a word press re-direct plugin which took care of those pages. But I can see this is going to continue to happen for each post. I’ve tried reading threads here to solve this but I am am stumped on what to do.

    Here is the page that is giving me issues. And for some reason I don’t know why it says blog-3 instead of blog.

    And here is my site:

    If you look at it, please realize I am brand new at this and the site needs a lot of work! I am amazed I got a site up at all. Thank you.

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  • I am not getting any not found messages… can you post a screen shot and the reason your blog shows as blog-3 is because you named it blog-3 at setup and not blog in the directory path when installed.

    Can I change that blog-3? and will it affect the posts to more page not founds?

    Not sure what a screen shot is, but those are 2 links that show up not found and no doubt there are more. I thought the first ones were from the first or second day I made posts and deleted them so I re-directed those. but these posts were never deleted. And the names are changed it looks like. One was the housebreaking post and the other was the black nails post. Those links say dognails and puppy. I guess from the tags. So I know somethisg is not set up right.

    Oh sorry I made a mistake. It is not the pages, it is the posts. Sorry, I just realized I put the wrong thing.

    Anyone have any ideas ideas about my achive posts? It would be highly appreciated. Thank you

    ok here it goes…see these links:

    that I posted a week ago and asked for some help as to archives not showing up because they were dead links? Now they are fixed.

    I looked for hours for that answer before and after I posted the question. It was a simple answer but none of you could give that answer could you. You treat new people like crap. I’ve been in a lot of forums in my life and this one is by far, the worst. I posted another question tonite that you can ignore just like you did this one….frankly I don’t care. If I could delete it, I would. 2 weeks, 200 hours on the site plus work full time on top of it. Thanks for zero.

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