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    Morning folks, and happy Friday!

    I have a client site in which all of the admin pages are blank, showing only a white screen. There are no errors, and the source of the page is also blank.

    The front end of the site is working without issue.

    Also, if I log in to the site (which DOES work), the WP header appears and gives me various options, including what updates are available. Weird.

    The site is being hosted at Dreamhost, and I’m pretty sure it’s on PHP5. It was set up for automatic updates, which I suspect is where the problem occurred.

    I have taken the following steps:

    1) Renamed the plugins folder. (No discernible effect)
    2) Deleted the existing theme and renamed both TwentyTen and TwentyEleven. The front end theme changed, but the admin portion was still blank.
    3) Reuploaded 3.4.2 code in both wp_admin and wp_includes. (no effect)
    4) Probably other stuff that I’ve forgotten at this point.

    I have NOT done a fresh upload of the core WP files inside the root directory, since the front-end of the site is still working.

    The client needs to make some updates, and I’m at the end of my list of ideas….any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi, that sure sounds frustrating. For what it’s worth, you’re on the right track. A blank page like that is always a PHP error. Of course, figuring out that error can be rough.

    Also, if I log in to the site (which DOES work), the WP header appears and gives me various options, including what updates are available. Weird.

    So the /wp-login.php page works, and you can get in? Then what ‘admin pages’ are blank? Or are they only blank for your client and not you?

    You may need to go into the database and, under the *_options table, look for:


    Looks like this:

    Change those to ‘twentyeleven’ if they aren’t. Sometimes the DB needs a kick.

    If you want me to take a look at your server, just let me know your domain (or email mepstein at 🙂 )


    Thanks for the suggestions. To answer your question, when I log into the site (/wp-login.php), I am returned to the blank screen at /wp-admin. When I view the front end of the site, I now have what I would call the WP Admin bar at the top of each page– dark grey, it has links to the dashboard, adding new pages, editing the existing page, and so on. Each of those links, which all seem to live under the wp-admin directory, returns a blank screen.

    To clarify what I was doing with the themes, here are the steps I would take:
    1) Rename the existing theme “existingtheme.old”
    2) Rename “twentyeleven” to “existingtheme”
    3) Hit the front end of the site– twentyeleven is now the theme, but the wp-admin functionality is still returning a blank.

    Within that context, I’m not sure how updating the name of the theme in the *_options table would change anything, but I did try it– no luck, same results.

    I’ve since gone into the index.php file under wp-admin, and added a hello world output at the very top. It does show up on screen, so I guess I’m going to start dropping lots of debug code in there to see where things are going south.

    1) Rename the existing theme “existingtheme.old”
    2) Rename “twentyeleven” to “existingtheme”

    Ooooh that’s going to have other problems! See TwentyEleven knows it’s name, os when you change things like the name, it gets all stupid.

    Do this instead:

    1) Rename themes to themes.old
    2) Make a new theme folder
    3) Copy twentyeleven, named twentyeleven, into that folder
    4) See if you can get in. If not, make the DB change as I mentioned

    That should get you back in.

    I created a new themes folder after renaming the existing version. I copied the twentyeleven theme into the new themes folder, and got blank pages under wp-admin.

    I then updated the template and stylesheet entries in *_options to “twentyeleven” and still got blank pages under wp-admin.

    The front end of the site DID display the twentyeleven theme. It didn’t make any difference on the back end, however.

    We’re inching forward at least. *sigh*

    Is plugins still renamed?

    There are two plugins directories at the moment. I have the old version, “plugins.old”, and a fresh copy uploaded from the 3.4.2 source. I’ll reiterate the steps above and disable the plugins as well.

    Nope. I renamed the existing themes to themes.old, disabled all the plugins via renaming, and updated the database values. The pages under the /wp-admin directory is still returning blank pages.


    When I hit, it stays on that page entirely, with no redirect whatsoever. This is the same behavior for any and all wp-admin pages. works. Can you log in that way?

    Yes, but it returns me to, which is blank.

    It’s like I’m in a loop of bad responses to your questions 🙂

    When I log in, the WP Admin bar is displayed at the top of all the front end pages of the site, but that’s the only noticeable change.

    When I get home from work, I’m going to start dumping debug code into the “wp-admin/index.php”, and try to track down where the error is occurring.

    I think I know what it is.

    You have this in your wp-config.php:

    Try commenting that out.

    That did the trick. Thanks for the assistance with this issue, Mika- just goes to prove that you guys at Dreamhost rock!!

    I’m having a similar problem.

    My /wp-admin page has been blank for a week or so. I have been reading through all of these forums an have exhausted all the remedies which worked for others. I rarely edit the site (

    I made a few changes bank in August and my dashboard was accessible then. I had not updated my theme or wordpress since 2011. After getting the blank admin page last week, I downloaded the latest version of wordpress and installed it using filezilla. It made no difference.

    I have renamed my plug in folder as “Plugins.hold”
    I have searched through functions.php files everywhere they are found in my directory and deleted spaces at rhe top and bottom: no difference.

    I looked in my wp-config.php and I have no idea if anything is amiss because I am functionally illiterate when it comes to this stuff.

    So I have no idea what to do and I’m screwed. Any help? Anyone? Damn it.

    @eaturner – please start you own thread if you need help – this one is way outdated and marked resolved.

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