• Ben Pollock


    I upgraded today, to 2.6 from last month’s 2.5.x, and every internal link, to categories and jumps etc. comes up with a 404 or file not found. I’ve tried three themes and the same thing happens so it’s not that. I did the WordPress upgrade using Fantastico from my hosting service Control Panel.

    It’s http://benpollock.com/brick/

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  • mrmist


    Try setting to “deault” permalinks and then back to the style you want.

    Ben Pollock


    Thank you, mrmist. The default permalink naming regimen restores nearly all linking functionality. Links to some but not all category names still come up with a 404, though. However, going back to my preference slug “day and name” is not restoring those to where they’ll link.
    I can live with these things though until the upgrade.
    Or until I find another problem, then I’ll be rummaging through Forums for a fix.

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