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  • I’ve just finished updating one of my blogs with the newest version of WordPress, but it has rendered my Alinks plugin obsolete. I tried to go to their website at but the website is down. Has the plugin been discontinued, or is it just a coincidence that the website is down when I’m trying to download it? Can someone upload their version of Alinks that works with the newest WP?

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  • Well, the website is back up, and it seems like there is no support for the latest WordPress edition. Is there an alternative to Alinks plugin?



    This post I found suggested using Link A Dink ( I haven’t tried it myself though.

    I made some bug fixes to aLinks 2.0, which supports WordPress 2.6. You can download it from here.

    jtappan’s version of alinks works beautifully on my ‘small’ sites, but crashes the heck out of high-traffic ones (no fault of jtappan who obviously just made it better). Does anyone know a way to replicate the functions of alinks on a busy resource intensive server? Obviously all that search and replace is just a no-go if you have a fair number of defined phrases (100+) and a lot of traffic.

    my site is currently small, but since i’m hoping it grows, i’m making sure that each plugin i use can handle the eventual traffic… so here are my thoughts on alinks and high-traffic sites:

    beyond profiling the code to make sure it’s super efficient, the best replication of the concept would be to “render” the links at publish time (instead of having to update/filter the content each time the post gets requested). easy in concept, but have to be careful since you’re modifying the native post permanently and if you change (add or remove) words from your alist, you might need to go back and republish to update the post or automatically search through existing posts to make changes… is that a reasonable approach? would you be comfortable having a program automatically altering a post? thoughts are appreciated before I head down the path to try to implement…

    i sent jtappan a note and hopefully we can get the alinks source code into sourceforge so we can continue developments, make additional feature enhancements, without overlapping effort.

    When I last looked at alinks there was a huge amount of ajax code in it which seemed to do not a lot. Also it caused huge numbers of additional GET requests which I suspect is what might cause problems on heavily hit sites.

    There must be a simpler, cleaner way of doing it. Not sure how loading two arrays with the keywords and their replacements and then running a preg_replace on the content would perform but….

    And if anyone is going to maintain it would be good if it could handle ‘ in descriptions. At the moment you’ll find it just adds extra \ s into the description every time you modify it.

    The new version seems to be less of a mad GET hog but I still think that the admin back end, although very pretty with all its Ajax code is very bloated.

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