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    Hello Ricard,

    thank you so much for this great plugin. Exactly what I was looking for.
    I just have a few short questions. I am not really familiar with coding, so I would really appreciate your help.

    I wrote the code like you wrote here in the forum in the single.php and now it gets displayed on each post which is great. I just have a problem with this.

    1) Is it possible that the voting is aligned in the center?

    2) Also I have another “problem” with the position of the voting. Now it gets displayed under the “Share On” Option from Jetpack, but I want it above, directly under the content. In the middle of the arrows where one can navigate to the next or previous post. Have a look here:

    Here like I would love to have it

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    Could you probably tell where I have to add the code for that? I have tried for hours now, but with noe success.
    That would be totally awesome!

    Thanks you so much!

    This is the Single.php file how it is now:

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    Plugin Author Ricard Torres


    Hi there,

    1) Yes, you need to add the following CSS rule to your style.css file:

    .thumbs-rating-container{ text-align: center; }

    2) Before the forum deleted the bunch of code (you can paste it in here: and the share the generated URL) I saw that there’s no navigation in the single.php

    You need to make a search in your theme and find the wp-post-navigation container. Then paste there the Thumbs Rating code and see if it works.

    Good luck!


    Hi Ricard,

    thank you so much for your fast answer.
    The first point worked perfect, thank you so much for that!

    I still have some problems with the second point. I could not find a file called wp-post-navigation – where is this normally?
    I use the Point theme fomr Mythemeshop (

    Here again the code from the single.php how it is currently. Maybe you now how to find a solution? I would really appreciate that!

    Plugin Author Ricard Torres


    Hi there, I’ve had a quick look at the theme but couldn’t find where it prints the pagination.

    I’m afraid I don’t have the time to go deeper.

    Good luck,


    Hi Rick,

    thanks for your answer and time.
    It already looks good when it is aligned in the center, so thanks for your help, this was very useful.
    And of course for your great plugin!

    Have nice day

    Plugin Author Ricard Torres


    You’re welcome Colin.

    Would you mind leaving a review?

    Thank you!

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