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  • fkp


    Hi everybody,

    At the moment on my wp blog i have two images sitting side by side (and not in line with each other either!?). I would like to have one image sit directly above the other. That way the images sit nicely on the the left and the blog text neatly on the right. I have it looking the way i would like firefox but it looks horrible in explorer. I’m sure it is probably a simple fix but i since i have been looking at it so long i just can’t see what is wrong. If someone could suggest how i could fix it i would really, really appreciate it? Thank you.

    Kind regards,

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  • manstraw


    fix all the nonsense Internet Explorer does with



    manstraw: do you know what if anything will bork once the “real IE7” comes out of beta?



    should be fine. the conditional call on the webpage is set to ignore ie7. just like it doesn’t run for firefox, it won’t run for the real ie7.

    not that the real ie7 will fix everything. I found beta 2 better than beta 3 for somethings. lady’s site being one of them.

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