• Hello,
    I found a problem in the block of the events pages: if the teams have a long name, in desktop view it’s impossible see correctly and entirely the names of the clubs and their logos.
    Instead, the issue does not exist in the mobile display
    Can it be solved?
    And in the PRO version, will the problem still be there?

    sorry for my english: I’m italian! 🙂

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • @roobzarathustra

    Hm. You could add this to your CSS,
    Customizer –> Additional CSS :

    .sp-template-event-logos-block .team-logo {
        word-wrap: break-word;
        width: 33%;

    but it won’t look that great.

    OR :

    You could add this to your CSS to reduce the font :

    .sp-template-event-logos-block .sp-team-name {
        display: block;
        clear: both;
        vertical-align: middle;
        font-size: 16px;

    Neither great solutions.
    Ideally you would want to over-write the event template to output better.

    Maybe ask SportsPress to look it, bc dumping all this info into a td of the table is just not good markup / good HTML.

     <a class="team-logo logo-odd" href="/team/polisportiva-olimpia-mosciano/" title="">
      <img width="128" height="120" src="/Olimpia-Mosciano_Logo-128x120.png" class="attachment-sportspress-fit-icon size-sportspress-fit-icon wp-post-image" alt="">
      <strong class="sp-team-name">Olimpia Mosciano</strong></a>
     <a class="team-logo logo-even" href="/team/basket-ball-teramo/" title="">
      <strong class="sp-team-name">Basket Ball Teramo</strong> 
      <img width="111" height="128" src="/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Basketball-Teramo-111x128.png" class="attachment-sportspress-fit-icon size-sportspress-fit-icon wp-post-image" alt=""></a>		
      <time class="sp-event-date" datetime="">9 Gennaio 2020</time>
      <h5 class="sp-event-results"><span class="sp-result">17:30</span></h5>
      <span class="sp-event-status">Anteprima</span>
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    Thanks for your reply, I will try your suggestions.
    However, is it impossible fix the issue without a workaround through css?
    Is the sportspress development team aware of this little problem?

    Anyway, I’m interested in buying a bundle, but I’d like to know if these problems will exist or if the team will fix them.

    Plugin Contributor Roch



    Thanks for your reply.

    We’d be glad to help you with these issues via support if you want us to.


    Plugin Contributor Savvas


    Hi @roobzarathustra ,

    You can always copy /templates/event-logos-block.php file to your theme’s /sportspress/ folder and alter it as you wish 🙂


    Thread Starter roobzarathustra


    Thank you for your replies!
    Now, I’m working with Rookie, the free theme for Sportspress plugin, not other themes.
    I can try to do basic edits at the CSS and I tried @corrinarusso ‘s suggest, that works but with this workaround for home team we can see logo above the team’s name, while for guest team the opposite: the name above the logo; It isn’t the best solution. I leave these changes to the CSS for a while to show them.

    @savvasha thanks for your time, but I’m not yet a PRO user, then I think there is a bad markup and for now my doubt is: with a premiere theme, for example Marquee, will I have the same problem?
    @rochesterj I don’t have the skills to change PHP functions and I hope that you can answer me about the previous question

    In conclusion, If I understand correctly, in the event-block logo and name are read as the same item, will be this issue fixed and/or with premiere them will be it fixxed?

    Plugin Contributor Roch



    Thanks for your reply.

    I’m not sure what the issue is, as you have some code there right now. If you want I’d be glad to check it for you and see if there are other alternatives (probably CSS as well), but I’d need to see the original version.

    But just a quick tip, quite often issues are simply customization requests, not something to be fixed. It can be annoying for developers when users put bugs and feature requests in the same bucket (one is a feature that isn’t working, the other is something you expected it to do, but it doesn’t by design). I’m not saying that this issue is one or the other, just that you stating it is a bug without further investigation is not really the best approach.

    It’s all fine for us, but most developers will get pretty angry, so just a heads up 🙂


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