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    Hello, everyone.

    To briefly summarize, I’m new to WordPress, PHP, CSS. I’m in the process of building my site and things are going okay so far except:

    I’m having serious alignment issues on certain pages: search results, archives, and subscribe.php so far. I’m guessing the culprit is the same for all three, but am unsure of where to start. is the URL, and any help is greatly appreciated. I can post code if needed. I’ve struggled to figure this out on my own, including searching these forums, but alas…

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  • Usually it’s a tag open in your code. Have you modified the sidebar, footer or header?

    Could also be a plugin conflict. Turn off all of them and turn back on one by one.

    Thanks for the quick reply, samboll.

    I deactivated/reactivated all plugins and no dice. I have modified the sidebar, footer, and header, but all of the links in my navigation bar open and display properly? It’s just the search results, archives, and subscribe.php that are testing my patience 🙂

    Viewing your source I see you have an open tag.
    <div id="page">
    This tag is open.

    I’m assuming you’re referring to header.php, as that’s the only place I can locate the “page” div.

    <div id="page">

    <div id="header"
    onclick="location.href='';" style="cursor: pointer;">
    <div id="headerimg">
    <div class="description"><?php bloginfo('description'); ?></div>

    <div id="navbar">
    (navbar links are here)
    <hr />

    Where should I close this tag? I’ve tried different spots, but all of them mess up the format in some form or fashion. Header.php is XHTML compliant.

    Thanks again for the help,


    To get an idea how it works – see this visual anatomy. It might be very well that the div is closed in the footer, for example.

    samboll, moshu:

    I finally got it! The problem was that I was missing an opening div tag in the sidebar. Thank you both for the help; I wouldn’t have known where to start without it! That link was excellent, btw – and bookmarked!


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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