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  • Had a successful upgrade except for some minor cosmetic issues.

    My body copy is now aligned all the way to the left, instead of in the wide middle column. Can’t seem to find the problem, but i’m really new to CSS and reading the php.

    Also, my sidebar on the right is all the way on the bottom of the page instead of at the top where it would be useful. I imagine its a similar problem as the first, and i just dont know which templates are controlling which parts.

    is there a php or wordpress guide for dummies????

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  • Probably would help if I gave you the URL.


    See if getting rid of the validation errors does the trick.

    Hate to admit this, but thats WAY over my head. Not really sure what its showing me.

    Is it identifying syntax errors? If so, do you just go into your posts and fix what it identifies?

    Looks like you were using the default style.css (and it validates) so what did you change off the base install? Any files?

    also, when it tells you what line the error is on, how do you find and edit those lines? they are all part of different posts, correct?

    Some of them appear to be just missing “<” or “>” to open or close tags, but it doesn’t tell me which specific post it is referencing.

    only thing I changed off the base install ( I think) is the index file when I moved it out of the wordpress folder and into my root directory.

    Looks like it took a 2 column template on 3 column background or something.

    Damn, i wish i could read this php stuff.

    If I go to a specific month for archives, it displays fine – see

    If I go to one with the large images, it’s sort of ok, but off a bit – see

    My guess is the large (width) pictures are blowing the template and throwing everything off.

    How about replacing the large images with ones that are say 420 wide or less?

    I’ll give that a shot

    but it wasn’t a problem in 1.2. Only became an issue after I upgraded.

    nope. now i just have smaller pictures set off to the side.

    any other suggestions?

    the individual post pages are fine. its just the main page that is causing the problem.

    is there an allignment issue in the CSS for my index page? would that be in the templates or in the actual page?

    I think its being caused by the Kubrick tempate, which is designed for 3 columns. When I switched back to the 1.2 template, the content is the same, but it looks better because it was designed for the 2 column layout of 1.2.

    Does that seem to be a CSS issue that I can fix?

    Seems to be the images are blowing the alignment. You made the one image smaller (Boston) but not the State of the Union ones.

    i made the state of the union ones smaller, but it didn’t fix anything, so i put them back the way they were.

    I can make them small again if you think it would help figure this out.

    I still think it has to do wih the 2 column vs. 3 column layout, but I dont know how to identify that in the CSS

    very weird, but it worked this time.

    thanks for the help. not sure why it didn’t align the last time.

    any thoughts on how to move the sidebars into their proper location? they are hanging on the bottom of the pages instead of the tops.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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