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  • Hi there,

    Right now the text in each of my posts ( extends beyond the alignment of my photographs (which are set at 600 px). I would like to make my text 600 px wide so that it aligns with my photographs (the same with my recipe plugin). Any ideas?



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  • Hi Julia, I took a look at the HTML for your theme and your text only extends to 600px, since the container both your images and the text is in is only 600px wide.

    It’s your images which are significantly smaller than the text. Some of them are as little as 200px.

    Doing this would be tricky since all your photo’s have different widths.
    Either I’m confused by your question or you’re very confused!

    It probably is me who is confused but what I’m ultimately trying to get at is I would like the text to align with the edge of my photographs on the right side.



    I just realized I sent you the wrong link. My site URL is very similar to the one I sent you. Here is my site: so sorry for all of the confusion!! Let me know about the alignment issue when you have a chance 🙂


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    CSS queries this specific expand beyond the scope of WordPress forums and should be asked on more relevant forums, however it seems you just need to add .post-content p{ width: 600px; }.

    I see you’ve managed to get it working fine.
    Yep, that new link makes alot more sense! :3

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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