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  • This is quite tricky??

    In my editor there are say 1 photo per row. published, it`s 2.

    And space between them varys even though it`s the same in the editor

    And how do you insert text to the right of the photo.
    Sometimes it let you insert text at the right top, others it will just let you insert the text at the bottom right.

    Is there something I`ve missed here??

    What`s the difference?

    Path: p » img.alignleft size-full wp-image-1864
    Path: p » img.size-full wp-image-1871 alignleft

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  • Is it just me who has these problems?

    Also, is there a way to divide a page content into different section,
    or is it just to write/post photos from the top to the bottom.

    If I try to put two things in the same “row” there are always alignement problems

    Is there a way to have to photos side by side. Or a photo and text at the side?
    Somtimes its posible and sometimes it wont let me. It just deletes the photo when the I move the text upwards to the side of a photo

    I have used 3 days trying to insert some photos on a page. I can?t get it right. It all jumps all over the place.

    What have I missed here?

    In the editor it`s now aligned straight above each other
    This is the result…

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