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  • Please add settings, to align images properly.

    It would be nice to have two lines.

    Align Image

    Word Wrapping On:
    left center right none

    Word Wrapping Off:
    left center right

    Can you also add <hr> as an option in the text editor please?

    There is also a problem when I separate two lines in the visual editor with a blank line and publish the page. When I publish the page the 2 lines get pushed back together so I try to add a space by pushing enter between the 2 lines but that space disappears when I publish the page again… There should be 3 lines.

    line 1: text
    line 2: nothing
    line 3: text

    If I add a double space the problem sometimes doesn’t happen…


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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