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  • I’ve released WordPress 1.2 compatible plugins of many of my WordPress hacks:

    • WordPress Mobile Edition – a PDA/cell phone friendly interface
    • WP Since Last Visit – indicate new posts and comments
    • WP Style Switcher – change the look of your site
    • WP Grins – clickable smilies
    • WP Plugin Auto-loader – auto-load your plugins

    Post support questions in this thread.

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  • Alex, you rock! Truely awesome code and what open source is all about…definately going to check out this task software you have. I feel so blessed to be involved in such a grassroots project…plugins on the way from me…

    ps…love the basball pics…go Oakland!

    Alright…I’ve already posted about this over in another thread, but this one also in on-topic, and may even have been the more appropriate venue, considering the specifics.
    I’m getting no love with Alex’s 1.2-Compatible WP-Style-Switcher and WP 1.2beta. My server’s running FreeBSD/Apache and I’m getting almost exactly the same symptoms as rfrancis,

    The list of styles appears without error in the menu bar. When I select one of the 3 alternate styles from the menu the URL shows the new style (index.php?wpstyle=dots), the page refreshes and the style remains the wp-default style.
    If I set a different default style as the readme file explains to, the new style applies fine, but again using the style-switcher menu of styles does not change the style of the page.
    In both cases the refreshed page *does* know which style should be loaded, as it grays this option. It just doesn’t apply the style to the page.
    Keying in the url with the ?wpstyle=dots (for example) does not change the style either. I’ve also checked each style.css file, and they are there as intended.

    with two differences:
    1. no style in the list is ever greyed-out.
    2. the cookie IS being set (to the correct value) on my computer (it shows in Firefox’s cookie manager). It must not be getting called properly.
    Also, this website is on my hosted account, not running on a local server.
    Please take a moment and look at the symptoms:
    Respond if you have any guesses or questions which might guide me in the right direction.

    Thanks Alex, you’ve done great work. Is there any chance you’ll be updating the wp-photos hack for the plugin architecture?

    quasistoic: I’m not sure why it isn’t working, I’m assuming you’ve replaced the css call with the hack function? If you’re comfortable with PHP, you could print out values in the wp_stylesheet() function and see what is happening. Another thing to check is your PHP version. If you’re on a version earlier than 4.1 the $_COOKIE variable isn’t being set.
    anon: I started working on WP Photos yesterday, but it’s a lot harder because there are a bunch of different files that all reference each other. I may have to rewrite it quite a bit to get it working cleanly as a plugin.

    Alex, yes I do have that tag on my other page. However, still no style is being implemented, and although I see the list of styles when i click on the links to change the style, it still brings me back to my blog index page.
    Do I have to edit wp-style-switcher.php any more?

    Sorry, I don’t know why it doesn’t work for you.

    Sadly, I chose to give up on Alex’s style switcher.
    I’m using A List Apart’s Php Switcher script instead, which works fine for me. It means a little more hard-coding, but eh, such is life.

    On the WP Lastvisit plugin, step 4,5 and 6 are a bit too vague for a noob like me.
    It just says “add some code…” but it doesn’t always say in what file and the location within the file it should be put in.
    Could Alex (or someone else) help me out? Thnx.

    Sure, step 4 returns something like “There are 4 new posts and 3 comments since your last visit” (Don’t know exactly because I tweaked the output) so put it wherever you want that to show up (top of page maybe?).
    Step 5 – That could go next to the title of each post and will show up if the post is new since last visit. I put it in the h3 class=”storytitle” … /h3 tag next to the link to the_title()
    Step 6 – that goes in wp-comments.php in the li for the comment (I put it next to edit_comment_link() )

    Thanks, I”l give that a try later today when I have time.

    Anyone have a fix for the smilie that shows up as 😕 ? The name of the icon is icon_confused.gif, but the text shows up as 😕 for me, and on Alex’s test page as well. (7th smilie from the left), kind of looks like :-S

    What needs fixing?

    Well in my mind ??? means confused, but if you don’t want to use it just rename ??? to confused in vars.php

    Alex —
    Thanks for all the awesome wordpress stuff!
    Question: Is there a way to have site visitors choose a style from a static html document which then sets a cookie that will use the styleswitcher function?

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 58 total)
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