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  • I’m using “Share This” and WordPress 2.2 for my blog “blogolob“.

    I have tried sending some test emails to myself at another email address but they’re never received. After I click the “Send It” button there is no acknowledgement that an email has been sent, although I don’t know whether this is by design.

    Can anyone help?

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  • I know that I can’t send emails with the plugin but I don’t know whether it works for someone else. Can anyone check?


    It didn’t work for me; that is, I didn’t receive the email. Is it possible that you need to set the location of whatever web server application actually sends the email (like sendmail)?

    You obviously haven’t used this plugin. It uses the phpmail function using wp_mail, as do most of the wordpress plugins that mail. Try using one before you comment on them…

    Well unfortunately I’m not a techie. Can you advise on what steps I should take to get my “Share This” plugin sending ok or how I could try the phpmail function? Alternatively, do you think it’s a server-specific issue that I’ll have to sort out with my web site hoster?


    PS: DianneV, thanks for testing it for me. At least I now know my implementation isn’t working for anyone.

    I have the same problem and I use wpPHPMailer
    You need to go in Option to confige it (afeter activate it of course)

    Have fun

    Ccon, please clarify. Are you saying that you use “wpPHPMailer” as well as “Share This” or instead?

    So is “wpPHPMailer a plugin that can make “Share This” work properly?

    wpPHPMailer is a plugin that can make “Share This” work properly.
    It permits to send mail without to configure mail in php.ini (server configuration)
    So each mail send by wordpress work if they use wp_mail() function.


    ‘Share-this’ works fine on my blog running on WP 2.1. However, on a second blog I’m setting up (on the same server) on WP 2.2.1 ‘Share-this’ e-mail function isn’t working.

    What I’d like to know is if I decide to use wpPHPMailer to solve the ‘Share-this’ problem, as ccon suggests above, will it affect any other WP functions?

    Stevie7v – did wpPHPMailer solve your problem?

    Yes, wpPHPMailer does enable the emails to be sent. However, there is no notification to the user that an email has been sent. I don’t know whether I can add a notification through wpPHPMailer or ShareThis.

    Also, the ShareThis popup is submerged if there is a video in the post below, which is a nuisance (but a different issue).

    Lucky you. I’m not sure if wpPHPMailer works with WP2.2.1. After activating the wpPHPMailer plug-in the relevant menu doesn’t appear under Options. Guess I’ll have to drop ‘Share-this’ until maybe one day it works with the latest WordPress release.

    I’m on 2.2.1, mcruywagen.

    OK. Then there might be a plug-in conflict. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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