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  • So after nicely asking a few questions in their comments section, then seeing that none of my comments were being moderated or addressed, yet many others after me were- I posted “why aren’t my comments being moderated” I then receive this email from Alec:

    Subject: Rude notes won’t help your situation
    We don’t have to post anything until we are ready to do so.
    This is our website not yours.
    The last part of your name seems eponymous.
    Cordial regards,

    My last name is Burdick by the way, So he’s resorted to middle school name calling and making fun of my last name, in addition to hypocritically calling me rude.. Never have I experienced such poor customer support. I only asked why my comments/questions weren’t getting moderated, because it would appear to me that they weren’t being seen.

    I fully understand that the developers of the plugin are offering it to the public at no cost, and I do appreciate that. Never was I demanding of them, nor do I deserve this type of treatment..

    Just wanted the rest of the community to be aware of what kind of people are being FolioVision.

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  • esmi


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    Have you paid for the plugin? Have you paid for support?

    If the answer to both questions is “No”, then I would suggest that you try to exercise a little patience. Annoying people who may be helping you on a purely voluntarily basis is never a good idea, in my opinion.

    There is no option to pay for the plugin nor support. I was just going along with all the other commenters seeking support. Again, as I already said, I understand that the plugin is offered for free. If there was an option to pay for support I would have considered that route.

    To assume I was “annoying” them is a little unjust. I was never demanding in my requests, said thanks a few times and it went along with the general flow of the other commenters. The developer shouldn’t be quick to jump on, make fun of, and call names of someone who is just asking for some help- and maybe just say that “we deal with a lot of comments and support issues, just follow along and someone will answer your question within the next few weeks”

    Or something along those lines.. I’ve never had such a rude experience before in my life. Not act like a 4 year old, “These are my toys, and you can’t have any, poopy head” – Which is more or less what his reply was, with no provocation.

    Thanks esmi for the good word.

    Hi Sean,

    I don’t recall ever having received a donation from you for the thousands of hours that we have put into our open source plugins.

    Of course there is an option for paid support. We even offer inexpensive expert paid installs with guarantee of full functionality for all our plugins.

    We support our plugins very actively on our own site. In this case at FV WordPress Flowplayer.

    Thank you for trying Foliovision’s FV plugins!

    Making the web work for you, Alec Kinnear



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    Seems both sides have had a say now.

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