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    Since one of the recent plugin-updates the order of the albums has changed, for example I had the order from left to right / top to bottom: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 (etc); the order has now changed to 2018, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and the first album is placed offset comparing to the other albums.
    In table 4D1 I have set the order to ‘Order number descending’, when I change it to ‘ascending’ it all looks good, but that’s not the order I want …
    I hope you can help me out! thank you Jacob.

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Maybe the album order numbers are not yet set. Firtst set the album order to order descending. If they are all toplevel albums go to the album admin page – if they have a common parent go to the parent album edit page – and drag-drop at least one. All albums now will get nonzero successive numbers. Correct any wrong positions by drag-drop.

    thanks for your fast answer Jacob. I tried your suggestions, but no luck.
    F.y.i.: for years the album orders where correct, but suddenly they are a little messed up without changing any settings.
    The year-album orders are all set to ‘order nr ascending’ and these albums are all top-level. Inside the year-albums there are sub-albums; the sub-albums have the same strange order.

    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    but suddenly they are a little messed

    This can happen when the actual sequence order is not specified in the query, and the physical sequence in the db table has changed by some db internal re-arrangement of the data.
    This can also happen when the specified sequence order implies duplicate selection values. E.g. if you set the sequence method to ‘sequence number desc’ and all sequence numbers are the same (say 0), the sequence order found will be most likely the physical sequence as found in the db.

    So, setting the sequence order to ‘sequence number desc’, has only effect when the albums have set their sequence number correctly.

    You can enter the sequence numbers manually on the album admin page, but it is easyer to do it more or less automatically.

    When ordering top-level albums – and Table IV-D1 is set to ‘sequence # (desc)’ – the sequence of the top-level albums can be set on the Album Admin page, by drag-drop. Move at least one down and up again to trigger the sequence numbers bein generated.
    See 3rd image: Top-level albums sequence ordering See the numbering ‘Ord: 1’ .. ‘Ord: 4’ on the example image.

    If you set the ‘Sub album sort order’ to ‘— default — See Table IV-D1’ or to ‘Order #’ or to ‘Order # reverse’ (and reload the page) you will see the sub-album list the same way, and you can drag them in the right sequence order likewise. So, be aware that the sub-albums sequence method can be different from the default setting in Table IV-D1, that applies for the top-level albums anyway, because they have no parent.

    Thank you Jacob, really appreciate your help. Coming weekend I’ll give it a try and I’m convinced I will get the order correct with the info you’ve given.
    Greetings from Jakob

    Thank you again for the super support Jacob! the issue is now solved!

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