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  • I recently started a new web site in 4.7, complete with the 2017 theme, part way through I decided to move it to my desktop machine, so duly went through the import/export routine with quite disastrous results. It stripped out all the graphics, murdered all the pages and left me in a hell of a mess.
    The export file worked correctly, as on examination all the graphics are listed. I’m not overly concerned as I can re-build in on my localhost. But what is likely to happen when I try to go live?
    In passing, I made sure both copies I had downloaded from WP were the same, so cannot think what would cause this?

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  • Alright, so first did you follow this guide:

    You should try using this plugin

    Works for many user.

    Duplicator mentioned above seems to work in many cases.

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    “Seems to work in many cases” But not mine.
    Got round to trying again. Loaded “Duplicator” from WP, but when I come to use it “create new” I get a server error “Server support Fail” all the suggestions are based toward the server administrator, but I’m on localhost. It would appear I need Mysql server 5.0+ to be installed.
    Any suggestions, please?


    Perhaps try the All In One Migration (AIOM) plugin. It has worked well for me on numerous site “moves” 🙂

    This is how to go about it:

    – on the live site, deactivate and delete the Duplicator plugin (just to save “space”)
    – install and activate AIOM
    – Dashboard > AIO WP Migration > Export > click Export To > select File
    – the plugin will build the file and when it’s done, the Download button will appear; click to download, then Close when finished downloading.
    – that’s it for the live site

    – the simplest way is to just create a new WP installation on your local server; leave the existing one as-is
    – in this new WP installation, install and activate AIOM
    – Dashboard > AIO WP Migration > Import > click Import From > select File
    – select the file that was downloaded from the export
    – the import will proceed and ask if you want to continue when it is going to overwrite the DB and files; accept
    – when it is finished, a dialog will appear asking you to re-save your permalinks twice; clicking on it will log you out of the site (as it is supposed to)
    – log back in, go to Settings > Permalinks and click the Save Changes twice
    – there ya go 🙂

    I just now did this very thing with a live test site and copied it to a new local WP install in XAMPP in less that 5 minutes, and that included installing the new WP local site 🙂


    I can highly recommend all in one sit migration mentioned above as well. If this is more than a one-off, and you’re likely to move many sites between environments, I’d recommend getting intimately familiar with the ins and outs of doing it manually.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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