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    I’m currently using WP2.7.1 and this problem has not happened to be before. The problem surfaced around a day or two ago. I did not upgrade or install any plugins and previously, all the plugins I’m using are working fine with each other.

    However, one day I was notified that when my visitors submit comments, it was successfully send to wp-comments-post.php but the visitors will be stuck in the url of ““. Yeap, the URL ends at the dash without any comment ID and subsequent redirection or whatsoever.

    I checked through the php file, replaced it with a fresh one but it didn’t work. I reinstalled WP2.7.1, it didn’t work either. Changing themes didn’t help, and it is only when I deactivate Akismet that I realized the problem is solved.

    *I did deactivate all the plugins before labouriously checking the php and reinstalling WP. However, I did not deactivate Akismet at first due to my foolish assumption that it will not screw anything up. And I needed it to keep spam comments at bay.

    So now I’ve discovered that Akismet is the culprit that strips comments of their ID, is there anyone who could help to explain? Thanks!

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  • Terry


    My bad! I checked with my host and they said that the server was having hiccups and the PHP memory limit was temporarily lowered. I guess that lead to the malfunctioning of the commenting system. Now it’s all clear 🙂

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