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  • For the last couple of days my comments on blogs haven’t shown up. Its only today that I realised Akismet thinks I’m a spammer. How do I tell akisment that I’m not a blog spammer? There is no official avenue for this kind of problem readily visible on the akismet web pages. Anyone have any thoughts?

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  • Did you post comments while you were logged in? If not, then does your comment usually have a lot of links?

    Track down Matt!

    Bdsays: I posted a long comment with perhaps three links. I usually do not post comments with links at all. Just text. I tested it on my own site by logging out, and using my usual information, then logging in and looking at the akismet spam list. There I was!

    An update: based on further reading about how Akismet ‘learns’ what is spam, I ‘taught’ Akisment that I am not a spammer by repeatedly making a comment on my website, then going in and marking it as ‘not spam’. Within a few hours I was back in the good books. Doing this makes me wonder how easy it is to game Akismet… Still no word from an email sent to the Akismet team.

    “Doing this makes me wonder how easy it is to game Akismet”

    I’m not an expert but logic dictates that you’re forgetting that no one else is marking you as spam.

    Your method wouldn’t work for a spammer because they’re having to compete with thousands of other people marking them as spam.

    I had this on one of my blogs – – I had to go train Akismet that I was a good guy.

    Half a dozen comments later 🙂

    I’ve also had this problem with friends posting comments on my blog. The same person’s posted at least half a dozen, all of which I’ve marked NOT spam, but they are still marked as spam. Sigh. There should be an exclusion list that each WordPress blog can set separately.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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