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  • Hello!

    I’ve been using Akismet for a very long time now and never had any problems.
    I didn’t update or change anything, but today Akismet suddenly stopped working. I’m getting a lot of spam comments that aren’t filtered and “put away” as spam. Now my inbox is full of “please moderate xy comment” messages.

    I checked the plugin and it says “The key below was previously validated but a connection to can not be established at this time. Please check your server configuration.”

    I also noticed that my WordPress stats via Jetpack don’t work anymore.

    It might not just be an Akismet problem, but a Jetpack problem?

    I noticed that the Akismet servers are sometimes up and sometimes down, so it might be a problem on their side. Does anybody know about any server issues?

    Anybody has had any similar issues.

    I have no idea what’s going on or what to do especially because it happened all of a sudden without me doing or changing anything! 🙁

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  • It’s not just you. Exactly the same thing happened to me yesterday – I see the ‘key was previously validated’ message and get a deluge of spam comments.

    I am seeing this same issue across all three of my self hosted blogs.

    It does seem to be intermittent, more off than on though. I have seen a 30 fold increase in spam getting through to the moderated queue on my main blog.

    Hopefully this will be sorted soon.

    It is still not working for me either, getting both the error messages since two days or so ago.

    Any hope of a resolution soon?

    I’m also having this problem on two self hosted blogs. It started suddenly five days ago. These blogs have worked fine for many years.
    Anyone else found a resolution.

    It seems to have fixed itself for me – or at least the spam has stopped.

    I am now having the same problem any update on this? Random comments are coming into my blog on older post. The site is

    I had the same problem for about 24 hours. This morning the problem seems to have resolved itself with one exception: I’m not being allowed to moderate any of the spam comments that came in during the hiatus.

    I went in and deleted the 1,600 spam comments that came in while Akismet was napping using mySQL directly.

    I’ve noticed the last week or two more spam getting through Askimet that is obviously a spam comment and the IP even is registered as a bot/spammer with Honeypot and the other spam sites. Other spam plugins seem to be having trouble as well, so perhaps the spammers are figuring out how to get around these spam protection plugins?

    Seeing the same, my host is WebHostingPad and after I contacted them they gave me this answer:


    The server is being hit by a large volume of spammers and this is creating issues with DNS resolving. We are monitoring the issue on the server.

    After that they started asking if I bought SpamAssassin, then talking about my blog’s issue.

    Honestly I think they are bsing, anyone else on this crappy hosting?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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