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    I upgraded my blog from 2.1.3 to 2.2, and I noticed that for the past week, no comments have been able to come in, even spam ones (and I usually get 50 or so spam comments a week). I played with my plugins and found that if I disabled Akismet, I could post a comment. If it’s enabled, posting a comment produces a blank white screen. It’s not the dreaded white screen of death, because the blog still works, but the comment was never submitted.

    This is Akismet 2.0, which is the latest. Also, when I try to go into Akismet Configuration in the plugin admin area, it tries for a long time and then doesn’t respond.

    Actually, I just noticed that my other blog on this server, which is still running WP 2.1.3 also has this exact problem. So it’s not caused by my upgrade. What could it be, then?

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  • I just tried hard-coding my api key into akismet.php, but that didn’t fix it either. I looked to see if akismet created any sql databases on my server, and I don’t see one. Thought maybe the database was corrupt, but I guess that can’t be it.

    Any ideas folks? I’d sure appreciate the help!




    the actual askimet plugin was changed back in May. Upgrade a new copy of the plugins from a recent zip of wordpress.

    That version 2.0 from May is what I had. I just replaced it with version 2.0.2 from today’s new version of WP, but that didn’t help either.

    I also noticed that the link to Dashboard from within my wpadmin screens brings up a page with all the menu items and the footer but no content. Its address is different than it was in 2.1.3. The dashboard page in my new installation of 2.2 has an address of wp-admin/admin.php?page=index.php while it used to be wp-admin/index.php. If I manually change the URL to the old way it works, but the news from wordpress section is missing.

    Anyway, this other problem makes me wonder if my wp installation is corrupted somehow.

    Well, the solution was emailing Hostgator support, and they fixed something. I wish I knew what the something was, but evidently it had something to do with a crash I had last weekend, when WP was giving me the blank white page from hell problem. I think they had to restart Apache on Monday for it to work right, and the tech said they did some “further tweaks” last night to fix this problem with Akismet. I’ve asked what those tweaks were, but I’ll wait to see if they answer.

    I’m having the same problem: My Akismet stopped working 3 days ago. My host’s tech support (IXwebhosting) was very helpful in verifying everything serverwise, and concluded this is a problem with my API key. I will now look into this API issue.

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