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  • The new Akismet stats page says “971,430 spams caught,” but on the spam comments page under the Comments tab, I get a much lower figure: 900,971. Which is correct, and what accounts for the disparity? Most importantly, how will I know when I pass 1,000,000? I’m planning a party. 🙂

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  • Oh, in case it’s relevant, my blog is here.

    I think that means that you’ve deleted about 70,000 of them. Akismet keeps a total of ALL spams caught, whereas the comments tab only shows spam comments that are still in the database.


    sonofbruce: i found your post and have a similar issue. i have two widely different counts and its not due to posts deleted. i am running WP 2.7 | akismet 2.2.3.

    my dashboard says that akismet has spam-ssassinated 957 comment spams. however the akismet stats page on my site gives my correct counts of 69,###.

    this issue first manifest itself after installing WP on a new server and populating the mysql database with a previously exported table backup. of course, there have been a few WP and akismet upgrades since then but i believe the reinstall as the issue.

    for reference, the akismet counter also shows the lower number and not the more correct higher number.

    of course, no one likes spam but if i’m going to keep track of things i’d like a consistent reading.

    does anyone have insight into which two data sets akismet is querying so i can rewrite things or otherwise realign my stats?

    so i was fishing around and i came up with a workaround. i’d still like to know where the two different numbers are coming from, but in the mean time you can make these changes to akismet.php:

    line 727		), '', number_format_i18n( $count + 68155 ) );
    line 839  		$count = 68155 + number_format_i18n(get_option('akismet_spam_count'));

    where 68155 is the difference between your two spam counts. this is for my previously stated version of akismet, 2.2.3.

    oh, and you may need to surf around the code a bit to make other changes depending on where you want to use <?php akismet_counter(); ?>… but i’ll leave that up to y’all



    I just can’t find any correlation between any of the numbers shown:
    – On the Dashboard I have 18
    – Under “Akismet Stats”, right at the top, I have 4
    – Also under “Akistmet Stats”, if I sum up all the historial stats there’s a total of 1 spam detected

    Which one is it? I guess the one on the dashboard is the more accurate, since I perfectly remember deleting more than 4 spam comments. But why are all the numbers different?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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