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    This past week, several legitimate emails were flagged as spam by Akismet. In reviewing the Give core documentation, we see mention of an email being sent to notify us and also a log. None of the latter two is happening for us. We do not require logins or registrations for donations.

    We have turned off Akismet for now so as not to miss our on donations. We have had Stop Donor Spam installed for a while.

    Any insight please? Thank you in advance.

    Below is relevant section in documentation:

    “How do I know which emails to whitelist?
    If a donor tries to donate and their email address is blocked, you will get an email and see a log with that email address listed. You can then follow the steps above to whitelist that email and allow the donor to retry.

    You can also check the Logs to find a record of previously blocked email addresses. Go to Donations > Logs > Spam and click Log Details to view more information.”

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