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    I have been receiving alot of spam mails through my form on my website, and never had any spam problems before.

    This has begun since one of the newer updates.

    Anyone know about this and what to do?

    PS: I haven’t changed anything regarding Akismet, my form, or website. I just updated the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin, that’s it.

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  • There was a bug in the early 4.xx update that caused the Akismet action on the Security tab to possibly switch from the previous setting

    The solution was to update FSCF to latest version and set the setting for the Akismet action you want on the Security tab on the form edit page.

    Done, thanks. I shall return to this thread if it didn’t help.

    Thanks, Mike!

    Either the fix didn’t work or I am doing something wrong, because I keep getting Akismet Spam mails.

    Do I need to alter something on the Security tab? I didn’t touch anything there except for “re-activating” the Akismet check.


    Go back to the security tab and look at this setting:
    “What should happen if Akismet determines the message is spam?”
    is it set to “Block Spam Messages”?

    No, sorry. I changed it. Thanks! 🙂

    I am getting quite a few spam messages that seems to pass by the Akismet spam filter. This has happened since the big update a few months ago.

    I haven’t really changed any settings in the Fast Secure Contact plugin, so I’m curious as to why this is happening (I never had any spam messages going through Akismet before the big update).

    Any idea how to solve this little issue?

    Can I somehow force the CAPTCHA to become a bit more advanced/demanding?

    Thank you!

    Here is a help page for spam

    Why am I getting lots of Spam?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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