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  • So I am redoing my privacy policy on my website.
    I live in Canada, my website and domain provider are in Canada. Just outside Toronto.

    So I don’t know how to do things. The EU has some new law about cookies. Google Analytics had a requirement that I have to mention that I am using Google Analytics, however when Google merged all their privacy policies from different products…the paragraph with that requirement is gone.

    As far as I understand how Akismet works…Someone makes a comment on my site (I am using jetpack), the comment goes to the Akismet land, it gets checked out by clone mixes of Matt Mullenweg and Klingons, when they Qapla’ it, then it goes back to my website and appears.

    What information does Akisment looks at, uses, etc…?

    I don’t know how to word the Akismet/jetpack paragraph of my privacy policy.

    Would you even include it? What about Google Analytics, would you include it?

    I don’t want my privacy policy/explanation to be 10,000 paragraphs, also not be 1 paragraph.

    How do I find out about any cookies my advertising networks might put in my visitors computers?

    I also put my tweets on the side bar and a facebook like page for my fan page.

    Am I over-thinking this?

    What would YOU do?

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  • Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    Hi Miroslav,

    You raise very good points here and I applaud you for thinking about this, but in all frankness I think that you may be over thinking it a bit.

    As long as you are not gathering private information from your visitors and storing that info. I have a blog on my site, I use Akismet and I don’t have a privacy policy. I have a newsletter subscription form and the only thing I mention is that I promise not to spam them.

    I think that companies like Apple need to have privacy policies because the gather, names, email, addresses, phone numbers, credit card info. etc…

    With regards to akismet, the way it works is that if I catch a spammer on my site, their email address gets added to a pool and that info is then shared with all Akismet users. It’s spam crowd sourcing if you wish. I don’t think that spammers care about your privacy policy.

    I would look at other blog/sites in Canada that offer similar services to you and see what they are doing.

    A simple thing would be to check sites that use the same ads as you run, then check their privacy policy and write similar to that page. Privacy policy is not too big.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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