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[Resolved] Akismet plugin

  • I am trying to locate the wordpress.com API key to finish the installation of the akismet plugin.

    It says it is off the “My account” profile page — but I cannot find the bloody thing and have tried every link on the page in hopes of finding it.

    Is there any other place it could be – or can I fill out a form to get the wordpress gods to e-mail it to me?

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  • [Well, I should really read….]

    Sorry. Okay, so you’re looking at the very very top of your user page in the wordpress.com profile?

    Yes… I believe so… when I go to the administration panel for my blog or I log in here to try and get support.

    I go to each of the “My account” or “my profile” pages and I don’t see any API key listed in either…

    tried both in FF and IE…. but no luck

    ok, here is the issue i am seeing with this as i am trying to get this thing on as well….

    i dont have a wordpress.com account, i do have a wordpress.org account for support and my blog is hosted elsewhere….

    so, WP2.01 is logged into and i go to MY ACCOUNT at top corner and there is NOTHING about an API key in there…

    remember this is NOT of WP.com.

    so, do i have to start another blog login on wordpress.com to get a key and have an account i wont really use? ever?

    so, where else can i get a key?

    troppmann: yes. There is no where else to get a key.

    tryrugby: you have to look at the wordpress.com blog’s Your Profile page. If you don’t have a wordpress.com blog, see reply to troppmann.

    That seems to be the same thing that I’m facing — my blog is hosted other places and I have a login to post here — but is that the same thing (i.e. – is it supposed to give me access to an API key?)

    thanx for your help.

    editorial: seems kind of a waste to have to have a login to you all to just a get a key and then not even use the blog i am creating.

    anyway can i create a login without creating a new blog on WP.com?

    No. You have to have a wordpress.com blog to get an API key for Akismet.

    Of course, you get better functionality from Bad Behavior and Spam Karma 2 anyway….

    ooo, see that is a better suggestion….

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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