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  • Hi, I see that akismet is not free anymore? How do I stop spammers, all of the sites that I built for my clients are getting spammed, this is ridiculous —- it seems really IRONIC and unfair to tell my clients that their brand new sites will get spammed, but in order to prevent spam you have to pay $5.00 per month?

    Is there anything else out there?



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    There are many alternatives.

    Personally I think these two are pretty good.

    I use Akismet and Cookies for comments myself. I think Spam Destroyer already has a cookie mechanism but you’ll need to check that.

    Thanks – I will check on thsme both 🙂

    Askimet is free (for personal sites as it has been) and fee based for commercial sites…Allowing rogue comments on sites with malicious links is a course that will lead your client’s sites to be removed from search and perhaps even blacklisted….There are other methods to keep comments safe…it is also not true that comments increase any page ranks…none of the major search engines take them into account any more…but they do scan for bad links…

    Hi, I see that akismet is not free anymore?

    Akismet has always been free for personal sites and had paid options for non-personal sites.

    As others have mentioned if you don’t want to use Akismet there are some alternatives. I prefer Akismet, but I’ll admit to some open bias there 🙂

    The most obvious alternative is to moderate all comments. Depending on the volume of spam and the time it takes them to review all of them they may find that $5/mo is a pretty good trade off.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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