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  • I’ve used Akisment for a while on my blog now, and I used to see all the spam comments appear so that I could check if any of them are legitimate or not, but since upgrading to WP 2.1.2, the Akismet counter continnues rising, although I never get to see any of the spam comments that it is blocking.

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  • itsonlybarney, I have the same problem as you. I contacted Akismet about this over a month ago and still have not received an answer. (Yes, I have disabled “Automatically discard spam comments on posts older than a month.”).

    How can we see the comments that Akismet marks as spam?

    I am having the same problem also. Have either of you found a solution to this problem?

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    Is there no Comments->Akismet Spam menu?

    Upgrade to the latest version of the Akismet plugin if you’re having issues.


    So, I have upgraded to the very latest version of Akismet and restarted the webserver just to make sure. However, the problem persists.

    I made an experiment with my WordPress 2.2.1 installation during the last month:

    First: During two weeks I had Akismet 2.0.2 running and checking the stats every day:
    163 spams caught, I was not able to moderate a single one.

    Second: The two weeks following that I disabled Akismet and had zero spam on my site during that period.

    Something is amiss. Akismet support is not answering, I am beginning to feel a bit frustrated. What should I do?



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    I also get this issue, the spam count rises without any spam appearing in the akismet moderation queue.

    I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and assuming that this is a bug that is thrown up when spam doesn’t get as far as the mod queue for some other reason. (Yet still gets counted.)

    Update: one week later.

    During the last seven days I have had Akismet running 100% and the spam count rose with 74 new spam comments caught. How many of those I could moderate: 0.

    Any chance you are also running Bad Behavior? Spam scum tend to use the same locations long enough to be caught by BB and are deleted before Akismet gets a chance to check. I have yet to see a false positive but I’ve only blogged for 7 months so far. Turn off BB and you’ll see all the lovely spam.



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    Interesting. I am using BB so that could explain some of it *except* for the fact that, if the spam is being deleted before Akismet gets a look in, then how come the function in Akismet is running that increases the spam count?

    No, I had no other plugins running.

    If you have BB running, turn it off and then see the spam. I had the same thing happen but was happy for it. After the first 1000 spams I no longer cared to see the same sick messages. Akis is still counting them but I don’t have to delete them anymore. Life is better.



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    If you have BB running, turn it off and then see the spam

    I don’t doubt it, just find the logic of it a bit odd.

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