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  • With the shortcode for akismet placed in the your-name and your-email shortcode areas per directions on the Contact-form-7 plugin site, and with viagra-test-123 in the form’s name field the message gets stopped…

    With viagra-test-123 in the form’s text field (textarea) the message goes through, over and over… Akismet is set up properly, and in any case it is caught in the name field, while something benign in that field is allowed through…

    From looking around and reading here and there I’ve come across it being said that the whole of the message is sent to akismet, but I don’r believe that is actually happening, from what I am finding…

    Here is the form’s short code:

    <p>Your Name (required)
    [text* your-name akismet:author] </p>

    <p>Your Email Address (required)
    [email* your-email akismet:author_email] </p>

    <p>Your Phone Number
    [tel tel-212] </p>

    <p>Subject Of Your Interest (required)
    [text* your-subject] </p>

    <p>Please Describe Your Interest In More Detail (required)
    [textarea* your-message] </p>

    <p> No Robots Allowed
    [captchac captcha-506 fg:#fff bg:#a0668d size:l]</p>

    <p> Please Type The Above Characters Here
    [captchar captcha-506]</p>

    <p> Thank You For Your Interest
    [submit “Send Your Message”]</p>

    Here is the error-message when it was stopped with viagra-test-123 in the name field:
    Validation errors occurred. Please confirm the fields and submit it again.
    (with a yellow box around it, not orange)

    With viagra-test-123 in the text/message field the success-message with the green box around it is given, and the message arrives at the set email account destination…

    It would be really nice to be able to have this work properly, hoping someone can help…

    Kind Regards

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  • Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    viagra-test-123 has to be in the name field.


    It’s working properly.

    Why doesn’t it send the whole of the message to akismet…?

    Actually I believe it was you that I saw writing that it did, in another posting somewhere…?

    Spam goes into the text area most obviously, don’t you think…?

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    It sends the whole of the messages to Akismet, as written in Spam Filtering with Akismet.

    There is contradiction in your two responses here… Maybe we use english differently. or something, but I’ll keep at this, see if some sense can be made of it, and hopefully maybe find a way for akismet to work properly with contact form 7…

    Please explain your two contradictory responses above that are saying in essence that it is working correctly and sends the whole of the message to akismet, but though akismet gets the whole message only when viagra-test-123 is in the name field will akismet stop it (your words: has to be in the name field)…

    And this is in fact what happens as well, as I tried to say above, it is only caught in the name field. it is not caught when it is in the text/message field area, though you are saying that akismet gets that part of the message as well… Which is in essence saying akismet is ignoring viagra when it is in one part of what it receives but catches viagra when it is in another part of what it receives… Which makes no sense at all…

    In any case I doubt there is anyone who sells viagra who’s name is viagra… At least anyone seriously wanting to sell it…

    My experience has been that when using the akismet viagra-test-123 in a wp comment or forum topic or reply it is caught, period, doesn’t matter where it is at…

    Also, as pointed out in my first message here, when it is stopped by being in the name field, the message that is seen when it is stopped is the yellow bordered message, not the orange bordered message the page you link to above says it will be…

    With all due respect, doesn’t it really seem like something is not working properly…? Would honestly and sincerely like to have this directly addressed and not shucked aside…?

    Sincere Regards…

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    “viagra-test-123” is a special word which Akismet reserves for testing purpose, and it works only when it is used in a name field (comment_author) value.

    To simulate a positive (spam) result, make a comment-check API call with the comment_author set to viagra-test-123, and all other required fields populated with typical values. The Akismet API will always return a true response to a valid request with that value. If you receive anything else, something is wrong in your client, data, or communications.

    Akismet checks comprehensively, not only your inputs but also a lot of information from your environment (e.g. your client IP address), so it knows you’re not a real spammer even if you have input “viagra” words.

    If you see spam response (orange-bordered message) when you set “viagra-test-123” to the name field, it tells Akismet is working properly. There is no need to worry.

    Do you still see a contradiction?

    I believe you are saying in so many words that akismet sees that it is a test with viagra-test-123 in the name field of something it receives from contact form 7, and when it returns an indication that the message is spam it is signifying that the form is set up properly. I believe you are also saying that it determines spam via multiple parameters, and that if those parameters look good in all other ways it will not identify a message as spam with viagra-test-123 in the text field.

    That is a logical statement and within its own boundaries it makes perfect sense.

    Within the greater boundaries of what I believe is our shared purpose in submitting contact form 7 messages to akismet, and some of the ways spam seems to work on the internet, it makes no sense at all. For various reasons.

    The same viagra-test-123 in the comment field of a WP comment returns as spam, even if it is sent via an identity that has been registered and approved by admin, even an identity that has posted other messages.

    Spammers are in constant effort to make all those various other ways look good, IP address, email address, etc…

    There are multiple key words that all spam filters use, even mail-servers for instance, and viagra is one of the top ones… that word out in the open in a message field stops a message in every other situation I have ever encountered when a message passes through a filter…

    Akismet’s only purpose for existing is to stop spam. That word in a message field should get its attention.

    In googling around it seems that there are a lot of people who are getting significant spam via contact form 7, even though they are connected into akismet. Many it seems are having to add other means to catch what akismet is missing with contact form 7, or borrowing one person’s words, just hope that gmail’s filters will stop most of it…

    All of this, added to my own experiences with akismet and contact form 7, raises for me a very legitimate concern/question, which is that contact form 7 may not be submitting the whole message to akismet, or that contact form 7 is submitting the message to akismet in a form that is preventing akismet from identifying spam in the body of the message.

    So, yes, I still see some significant contradiction, specifically one might say, between the purposes of using skismet with contact form 7, and what seems to actually occur…

    I’m sending this as a second part, because you seem to have missed this part twice now…

    When akismet stops a message that I send with viagra-test-123 in the name field, the response from contact form 7 is the yellow bordered message, not the orange bordered message…

    Because it may not be evident, I want to say that I greatly appreciate being able to use this and all the many wonderful wp plugins that are available, and all the hard work that folks put into them, including dealing with support issues like this….

    I try to show that appreciation in other ways as well…

    I am currently trying to set up Akismet to work with contact form 7, and I have the same concerns that Crzyhrse did.

    If i fill in the author name with viagra-test-123 it correctly blocks as spam.

    Yet if i visit the site using a public proxy, use a completely random email address ( and fill the message section with loads of viagra spam, it does not block it at all.

    I have to agree with crzyhrse, it seems that Akismet do NOT receive all the content from Contact form 7 when you only use the Akismet:author and akismet:author_email.

    So is there no such thing as akismet:message or akismet:subject?

    Does contact form 7 tell Akismet what type of comment type it is as explained here?

    Pro Tip: tell us your comment_type

    I feel like we should be using “comment_content” as well as
    “comment_author” & “comment_author_email”

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