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  • Suddenly, Akismet has a grudge against one of my regular visitors. I can rescue her comments one by one, but all new comments go into the spam bin. It is a battle of wills. Does anyone know how I can convince Akismet that the lady is not spam?

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  • When you mark a comment as “not spam” the system learns from that over time.

    Thanks, Matt.

    I may not have given it enough time.

    One more question. I’m still wondering why the status of a regular poster would suddenly change. Could anything on her end (firewall software or I dunno what) make her look like a spambot?

    Matt, I have exactly the same sudden problem and question as squirrelking, and so does the person who started

    A regular commenter is being listed as spam and I’ve told it “not spam” 10 times already. And this is all sudden within the last two days, I don’t think I *ever* had false positives (and had about 1000 spam!). All of a sudden we get over 1000 and a lot of normal comments are being tagged spam.

    I’d just like to give this a bump and say it is still a problem. We have been using Akismet fine up until about 3 days ago when a few of our internal authors started getting hit as spam at.

    Any suggestions by other folks who worked through this problem?

    Same here. Funny thing is, even one of my writers, when logged in, got tagged as spam…

    one of my authors is marked as spam at my weblog. i marked the comments as NOT SPAM over a dozen times. sended 3 emails with a request to lift this IP out of the database. no effect.

    how can we unspam our dear visitors and authors?

    Contact Akismet?

    Switch to Spam Karma 2?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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