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  • Lately this plugin is a problem…..

    First it started letting in TONS of spam….

    Now ii seems to be doing false-positives for ALL of the commentors to my blog….

    And the support for this pligin is among the mising…..

    Be careful with this plugin….
    Since the upgrade in wp things have gone sideways and it doesn’t seem like the people supporting this is doing anything except counting how many downloads of the plugin they get everyday……

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  • I’m running the plugin on multiple WP 3.6 sites and I’ve not experienced any problems.

    Why are you using an old copy of WordPress? Were you aware that your site is currently running a very real risk of being hacked? You need to upgrade WordPress asap.

    I AM currently running wp 3.6

    Akismet 2.5.9

    I believe that IS the latest version of wp….

    I see more advanced akismet but I do NOT believe that is for wp …..

    And I DO have the good commentors being moderated to who knows where cause they do NOT show up in the spam basket….

    and the folks over at the plugin support again…

    are among the missing in action….

    I AM currently running wp 3.6

    Then why did you input 2.9.5 as your version of WordPress when you started this topic?

    I see more advanced akismet

    There is no advanced version of Akismet.

    are among the missing in action

    You only posted 18 hours ago! The forums are staffed by volunteers. Please try to be patient.

    Sorry for the mix up in versions!

    I am a bit impatient for the people who come to my blog to comment and have their responses disappear into space….

    But I WILL be patient….

    Thank You for YOUR response…..


    I have solved the problem for now….

    It wasn’t the akismet after all…

    I was also running Grownmap Anti-spambot….
    We had to turn it off and work some magic in other places…

    I still need akismet help in that their plugin has more spam getting to my dashboard….

    But the commentor’s are not being diverted as spambots…..

    Oh, yea akisment has dropped in finally…..


    Guess WHAT?

    A few hours ago an upgrade for Grownmap AntiSpambot popped up!

    If you have a wp blog you should be using the Super Cache plugin and
    be wary of developers who don’t upgrade when wp invites them to…..

    I’m trying the upgrade….
    Akismet by itself canNOT handle all your spambots…..

    Esmi, You said there’s no advanced versions which I took to mean no Pro versions? I just loaded it and it asks me to activate it and then it asks me for my credit card or Paypal. It says keys are free. How do I use it for free?

    He, he…..

    I’ll bet you can’t….

    My site is back to normal….

    Thank You Grownmap…..

    Thank You Hostgator for your assistance….

    Joyce, first choose free plan which show 0 dollars- 120dollars. Then you’ll find a tiny slide bar on the right side. Slide it to the left and the Visa form will disappears.

    Glad you have a response….

    Akisment is getting sloppy again….

    Both them and Growmap are giving me work to screen MORE spam garbage

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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