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  • nicknormal


    about a month ago I notice an increase in ambiguous comments left by users whose names slightly resembled the titles of the posts they were leaving comments at. Their comments were dead-end statements, you couldn’t respond to them, but they too were slightly in reference to the post somehow. Then I noticed they were all left by the same IP. the WordPress comment system recognized the domain they were originating from, but going to that domain returns a 403 Forbidden error.

    anyhow here’s a sample of the 10 or so comments I’ve received in the past two months:

    Dance Videos (IP: ,
    John McCain Running Mate (IP: ,
    McCain Running Mate (IP: ,
    Chicago Cubs (IP: ,
    Wealth Building (IP: ,

    those are their usernames, IP and domain. is there any way in WordPress to ban an IP? and how is this repeated IP getting through Akismet? I’ve marked “spam” on nearly all of these, and will finish off the rest now.

    anyhow just FYI there’s something or someone getting through Akismet with almost-targeted low-fi spam comments! (their usernames of course link to spam domains!)

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    I find that Akismet works in waves: when it catches them great, but there seems to be times when it lags behind the comment spam wave.

    Try adding Bad Behavior to the mix. Both work well together and Bad Behavior blocks many attempts from scripts and bots before they get sent to Akismet.



    but Bad Behavior breaks the flash uploader:

    see response #5.

    well, another spam comment came through today, same IP, same domain:
    Author : Halloween Costumes (IP: ,

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Huh? That posting is 5 months old. Read responce #5 again:

    5. The highly popular Bad Behavior plugin breaks the uploader. Upgrade it to 2.0.14 (or later):

    The flash uploader issue was with Bad Behaviour 2.0.13. It’s now at 2.0.23. There is no issue anymore with the flash based uploader.

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