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    When I try to moderate a comment as not span is Akismet Span, I recieve the following error:

    ‘Cannot load akismetakismet.php.’

    Does anyone know what could be causing this or how I could fix it?

    Many Thanks, Oliver

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  • By the way, I am using WordPress v2.0.1. See the site: here

    That looks strange. It seems like it SHOULD try to open akismet/akismet.php … but that eror should occur as well when you open the management page, not only when unmarking comments.
    Can you have a look into your database ?
    In the table options, there is one entry named active_plugins, where you should find akismet/akismet.php in the option_value (besides other entries).

    Hi bob58,

    Had a look in my database like you said, and here’s the string.


    As you said, it has akismet/akismet.php but the other stuff illudes me (apart from the other plugins)! Maybe it will mean more to you than me.

    Many Thanks,

    P.S. Thanks for the quick response!

    Can you have a look into the HTML generated for the plugin page (the overview of spam), there should be actions defined in the form tags. Are they different ? Can you find akismetakismet.php there ?

    Yeah, I have <form method=”post” action=”/blog/wp-admin/edit.php?page=akismetakismet.php”>, but this is not reflected in the PHP code itself, which I have saved here for you to have a look at.

    Can’t get this to work in any browser, so get this word document here.

    And what is displayed in the adress bar of the browser when spam is displayed (before marking it as “not spam”) ?\akismet.php

    That’s the URL – everything fine there then, right?

    No, there’s a backslash in the uri, how could that happen ? If you change it by hand (i know, i know, not the best way), does it (the marking as not spam) work then ???
    That could be a problem with php (with the constant __FILE__) and windows … sorry, I have no further ideas.

    If I put in a / then I get:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ksd_config_page() (previously declared in \htdocs\blog\wp-content\plugins\akismet\akismet.php:14) in \htdocs\blog\wp-content\plugins\akismet\akismet.php on line 17

    Any more ideas?

    It seems like the declaration is made with the backslash first, then when there’s a backslash in the url, it is ignored (urls don’t know backslashes). If you use a normal slash, akismet tries to register itself and get’s the error, because the name is already registered.

    Can you try it with %5C instead of the backslash. If that works, my theorie seems to be proven right … but I’m afraid, that wouldn’t help. Maybe I get an idea overnight (I’m in switzerland and it’s about time to get on the couch ;-)).

    Maybe you should issue an error into the tracking system … or some guru has a better idea on how to get it to work.

    Right, If I use %5c then all is fine, I can recover posts! Where do you think I should go now (when you’ve recovered – LOL!)

    Many Thanks for all your help, Oli.

    P.S. I will now put it in as a bug report

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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