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  • Hello all,

    some days ago I noticed that it was not possible anymore to comment posts on three WordPress sites I run. Comment for pages still did work.

    I looked deep into it and found out that as soon as I disable Akismet commenting posts is working again.

    The bad thing now is that a lot of spam is getting through and treaded as ham, although I have two other antispam plugins still active (Antispam Bee and NoSpamNX). So I really would like to get Akismet back up and running again.

    I tried to check since when this issue accured but cannot tell you. Spam comments are deleted here after a month. And during this period not one spam was caught for comments on posts. So the issue is here for a while now.

    The only thing the three WordPress sites have in common is that they all are using a pretty old theme. Did more than less recently something change which I have to put into the post or comment templates?

    I’m happy to provide more input if needed. I really would like to solve this to get Akismet up and running again.


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  • Have you tried:

    – deactivating all other plugins except Akismet to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    – switching to the Twenty Eleven theme to rule out any theme-specific problems.

    I checked the twentyeleven theme and had no luck. The problem stayed.

    I also tried to deactivate some plugins, but not all. The sites run live that is a problem, but the biggest problem is, that some plugins are hardcoded in the theme. If I deactive the plugins, the site is dead.

    Some more information that I found out: The problem only appears with posts and if the commentator is not logged into WordPress (which means that the commentator is a guest). If the commentator is logged in and/or tries to comment on a page, it works.

    I noticed that wp-comments-post.php is the form action and that when the comment is processed the page reloads and jumps with a # ancor directly to the comment. In my case the ancor does not show up, the post page loads like it was before, without any ancor or anything else.

    A problem with wp-comments-post.php? No changes were made on the file.

    If I deactive the plugins, the site is dead.

    Then switch to Twenty Elven and deactivate all plugins. Only deactivating some plugins isn’t sufficient if you want to track the problem down by a process of elimination.

    As I said, the sites are live…

    But I will in the next days.

    Too bad I did not get any information about if this accured before or if other people might have the same problem. Just hammering down: Deactivate everything, switch to standard theme. What will happen if Akismet will work then? I’m not any closer to the solution of the problem which does not help me and others who might have the same problem.

    But I will do so in the next days, sometimes during the night.

    What will happen if Akismet will work then?

    You’ve proved that it’s not Akismet. Your earlier test with Twenty Eleven seemed to rule out your theme, so that narrows the culprits down to one of the other plugins.

    I wonder if you could help me with an issue I have.

    Akismet has blacklisted my URL:

    If I comment anywhere and use this URL it automatically goes to spam. Though I am not a spammer, and I am doing only whitehat seo.

    I have mailed kismet but no response. Could you help me?

    I forgot to mention that I already contact them by their site support a couple of days before and nothing happened. I re-tried yesterday same goes on…

    What a mess…

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