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  • My Akismet plugin is currently not active. My web developer originally told me that it might filter out the legitimate posts to my website But I am getting 25 spams for every legit post. If I try the Akismet temporarily, can I see what it filtered out to see if the legit posts got filtered? And can I move the legit posts back?

    Most of the spam I get is like mixed up words from a book.

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  • I would leave it turned on. It doesn’t delete the spam so you can browse them and if they really are not spam you can approve them to be posted. It won’t hurt to turn it on. It will if you leave it off.

    Thanks much, I will take your advice.

    Will this same plugin monitor posts and spam to bbPress if I create a link to a bbPress forum page for

    I have read that Akismet has a lot of issues with bbpress such as marking posts that are not spam. Look around and see if there is an alternate plugin for such purposes on the bbpress site.

    If I make Akismet active for my wordpress site on the admin plugins page and have a page on the site with a link to the bbPress forum page, will Akismet automatically follow that link and monitor the bbpress posts, or would it just think it was a link to another website and not follow that link?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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