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    If I check the “automatically delete …” option in the plug-in configuration I do not see the new spam at all. All spam is deleted immediately. Yes, there is no 15-day delay period. Akismet statistics shows that spam appears and is removed. This situation makes it impossible to catch false-positives.

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  • Plugin Contributor Joseph Scott


    Are you referring to the “Auto-delete spam submitted on posts more than a month old.” option? That will delete comments marked as spam on posts older than a month. If you want to be able to review each spam comment don’t select that option.

    Yes, I mean the option you mentioned. Polish translation is misleading, suggesting that it relates to age of comments not posts.

    If a post older than a month old is edited in any way, even a misspelled word corrected, does Aksimet have to wait a month before doing the auto spam delete?

    If so, is there a way to override the one month wait, perhaps in the Akismet plugin code? I edit my posts quite often?

    I’m concerned that I may be getting penalized by Google for spam comments in my Comments and Commentsmeta database tables. The spam is in the same table as non spam comments, even though it is marked as “spam” in the Comments_Approved field.

    Plugin Contributor Joseph Scott



    Google won’t see comments that are marked as spam.

    Thanks Joseph!

    Is that because Googlebot sees the word “spam” in the “Comments_Approved” field or because it sees “rel+nofollow” after the url posted by the spammers in the “Comment_content” field?

    I added a plugin called “Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin” that checks against spam databases to prevent spammers from registering or making comments. Although some are still getting through, akismet is catching them and marking as spam.

    I still dont like the idea of any spam being stored in my database, even for 30 days, so I may try a different plugin called “Spam Free WordPress” that uses “anonymous password authentication”. Or maybe a “Captcha” plugin? Your thoughts?

    Plugin Contributor Joseph Scott


    A comment marked as spam doesn’t show up on the site at all.

    You can purge the comments from the database however you like, even to the point of having a separate plugin look for comments marked as spam and automatically deleting them.

    Thanks Joseph,

    I would like the separate plugin that automatically deletes the spam from the database as soon as akismet puts it there.

    Since I edit my posts often, I don’t want to wait the one month that akismet seems to require.

    Can you recommend a plugin?

    Thanks so much.

    Im using wordpress 3.2.1 wth Hello_D theme.

    Plugin Contributor Joseph Scott


    I’m not aware of a specific plugin that automatically deletes comments marked as spam. If you look at the Akismet plugin code that does deletes after 15 days though, you could copy that as separate plugin.

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