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  • … but there are no spam messages to examine in Akismet. How can the number of spams in Akismet go up when it shows none for me to examine? I’ve already caught it flagging as spam a legitimate comment and I’m worried that it’s deleting things without giving me the chance to see them first. On the other hand, it says that it’s nailed over 600 spams so far, so I don’t want to just turn it off. Thanks for any help.

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  • I’ll bump this because I’m having the same problem, and had it before I upgraded. It will tell me I have spam, but it doesn’t show me anything in the Akismet Spam box, so I have no idea if I’m getting false positives or not.

    Yes, it’s the preloaded version for the WP version I’m using (2.1), as was the version for 2.0.6 I was using. And it’s activated, and I have a valid API key. I just can’t see where I can tell what it is that’s being moved!

    I came here looking for a solution for just this problem. Looks like many are experiencing this but no solution is to be found.

    Handysolo’s comment in this thread sheds some light on the subject:

    And another thing to remember, if a source has already been itentified (by anyone) as a spammer, then those will be caught and will not show up under “Akismet spam” for you to approve or delete since Akismet already know it is spam.

    I still believe there may be a couple bugs in Akismet. I’ve had several friends leave comment that did not show up for me to approve, and also did not show up under caught spam. I have no way of determining if Akismet caught them and then did not display them for me to see, or if there was some sort of glitch or error when the comment was made. Given Handysolo’s comment and a tidbit or two I have seen, I think for the most part it is working as it should.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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