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    Akismet blew up on me two days ago and the site blog and Contact form are not providing a response to the matter. The problem started with v. 1.11 and continues with 1.12.

    Akismet is catching all comments as Spam even those that are not. The only change I made to my server is turning off PHP “safe_mode” and I am not running any other Spam or bad behavior Plugins other than Akismet.

    I uninstalled Akismet AND DELETED IT FROM MY SERVER but then all comments do not appear either posted or in moderation — they are just gone… until I re-upload and re-activate Akismet. Akismet then “finds” those comments and holds them as Spam but only “showsâ€? them to me two at a time. I have to clear the two caught comments for the others Akismet is holding to appear. Marking comments “Not Spam” has no effect to not having them caught again later the next day.

    Why is Akismet catching all comments even when it is deactivated and deleted from the server? I have no cache software installed.

    I don’t see any Akismet entries in my .htaccess file — is Akismet hiding somewhere else in my WordPress 1.5.2 install (running K2 Beta One 96) that I need to hand remove to get it to stop messing with my comments when it is removed from my server?

    I deactivated all Plugins and ran an “upgrade” but the problem persists.

    Here’s my blog entry detailing the experience:

    I appreciate any support you might offer.

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  • If it has been deleted then it is impossible that Akismet is causing this problem, I suggest you look elsewhere.

    The problem started with Akismet two days ago suddenly grabbing every comment posted and marking it as Spam.

    If Askismet is identifying every single comment as Spam then that’s an Akismet problem, isn’t it?

    If not, what other Plugin would be putting comments in the Akismet Spam bag? I have no other Spam or Bad Behavior or other Plugin running.

    I believe this is an Akismet problem, because the only way to get comments posted on my blog now is to reinstall Akismet after deleting it — otherwise the comments do not show up at all. If I don’t reinstall Akismet then I don’t get my comments.

    The only way to get comments to post on my blog is to have Akismet running and to mark the messages as “Not Spam.”

    I have had email addresses in both my Moderation and Blacklist windows for a long while now.

    Anything else I should check because right now I have to have Akismet running to get any comments at all.


    Moderator James Huff


    Check you Comment Blacklist in Options/Discussion for blank lines, single spaces, common words, punctuation marks, and single letters.

    Thanks for the help, macmanx!

    I have had several email entries in both Moderation and Blacklist for several months now without any trouble then… two days ago… something broke and all comments are being identified as Spam and nothing was changed in either the Moderation or Blaclist listings.

    Moderator James Huff


    Well, try this:

    1. Disable Akismet

    2. Are all of the comments still identified as “Spam”?

    3a. If “yes”, then the problem is not with Akismet.

    3b. If “no”, then the problem is with Akismet, and you should try re-installing the plugin from a freshly-downloaded copy. If that doesn’t fix the problem, contact the developers.

    Hi macmanx —

    Akismet only identifies newly submitted comments as Spam.

    Once I get the comments out of Akismet by marking them “Not Spam” they are fine.

    If I disable and delete Akismet, comments are submitted and accepted by WordPress but I cannot see them until I reinstall Askismet… and then I see the all new comments… all marked as Spam.

    As for contacting the developers — I have — Matt Mullenweg invented Akismet and he was the first reply to me here.

    Moderator James Huff


    So, when you disable Akismet, you receive a chunk of new comments which are automatically approved and posted. And, when enable Akismet, you see an entirely different chunk of new comments which were never posted, but marked as “Spam”? And, you only see this entirely different chunk when you activate Akismet?

    When I disable and delete Akismet I get new comments that I never know are there until my blog regulars ask me what happened to their new comment.

    I then go look in Moderation and find no new comments anywhere.

    I have my forum set up that if you had a previously approved comment you don’t get moderated and are immediately posted live.

    I get emailed when there is a new comment posted and when there is a comment waiting for moderation. None of that happens anymore. I don’t get any notifications about new comments or pending moderation needs with Akismet installed or uninstalled.

    When I reinstall Akismet I am finally able to see the “missing” comments my readers were asking about — but they are only displayed two at a time by Akismet instead of all of them at once.

    I clear them out of Akismet as “Not Spam” two at a time since that is only as many as Akismet will show me at one time.

    Moderator James Huff


    Then the problem is not with Akismet, as it is not active to catch the comments. You may not be aware that the Comment Blacklist uses the same “spam”-marking system as Akismet. I recommend that you clear your Comment Blacklist for now (leave no empty lines or single spaces behind), and see if the problem continues. You may leave Akismet active if you want, as it can now be officially considered as “not part of the problem”, since the problem continues to occur even when the plugin is disabled and deleted.

    More info:

    I deleted my Blacklist email addresses and Akismet still caught a valid comment as Spam.

    The problem is not the same at all with Akismet disabled and deleted.

    Akismet Disabled and Deleted: No new comments appear though they are somewhere.

    Akismet Active: All new comments appear marked as Spam.

    Moderator James Huff


    Yes, the Blacklist mark comments as “spam”, just like Akismet. So, consider this scenario:

    1. You deactivate Akismet.

    2. Ten new comments are posted, but silently intercepted by the Blacklist.

    3. You activate Akismet and are suddenly greeted by ten new comments marked as spam.

    You see this because the Blacklist marks intercepted comments as “spam”, just like Akismet. And, one of Akismet’s functions is to display all comments which have been marked as “spam”. Again, if Akismet has been deactivated and/or deleted, then there is no possible way that it can still be catching comments, as it technically no longer exists as far as the blog is concerned. I cannot stress that fact enough. Something else, probably the Blacklist or another anti-spam plugin, is catching the spam.

    No, the Blacklist had several email addresses but none of those email addresses have posted any new messages since this started happening.

    The people who are being marked by Akismet as Spam or by WordPress as Spam were not on the Blacklist at all.

    I cleared the Blacklist and the problem still persists.

    I don’t have any other anti-Spam plugins running.

    Let me re-cast my problem: “The only way I can see new comments is to have Akismet active and mark the new comments as Spam so I can release them for publication as not being Spam.”

    Comments are now magically beginning to trickle in again without getting caught as Spam and I did nothing — NOTHING! — on my end to change anything. Yay, it works!

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