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  • Someone falsely moved a corresponding thread to “Alpha/Beta”. Many people seem to have this problem.

    Akismet 2.1.4 gives an error “can’t load akismet admin” in a WP 2.3.3 install on a Windows server.

    The plugin seems to work (filtering spam) but any click in the spam list (like “delete all” oder paging) results in the error. I can’t delete any spam and can’t “undelete” false positives.

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  • Maybe it helps: the URL that displays the error message is:


    For the record:

    I downgraded Akismet to version 2.0.2 and the same problem occurres. (Akismet 2.0.2 worked fine with the old WP on a Windows server)

    I guess i’ll have to downgrade WP??

    As you can see in the URL I posted above, it seems the page “edit-comments.php” is left out in the URL.

    I fiddled inside the akismet plugin file to make the form action URL into a hardcoded URL, which works untill I update the plugin (which I probably wont do too soon).

    Maybe it would just be better to switch to an other anti spam plugin.

    I guess nobody is really monitoring this ?

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    People are reading this but it’s a volunteer effort.

    My setup is on an Apache server, and I don’t (really want to) know much about hosting on a Windows based server but:

    Do you have access to your Windows server log? If you do can see the logs, then try the Akismet links on your blog and check out the log for that request.

    It might be a file or directory permission issue, it might be some dependency that Akismet needs and can’t find.

    Either way your log would be the first place to look; it might spell out what the error is.

    Magganpice – I also have had the same problem for some time, I keep hoping that the next askimet update will fix it, but it never does.

    Would you mind posting the specifics of the “fix” you made? I would like to do the same.

    @jhar: are you hosting on a Windows server?


    1) look (in the plugin code) for the sentence “You can delete all of the spam from your database with a single click.”

    2) about 5 lines further down you’ll find “<form method=”post””

    3) I changed the action to:

    from whatever it was before.

    This just fixes the top delete button. For other elements like paging, de-spamming etc you’ll have to do the same in other parts of the plugin.

    What I ended up doing was, unfortunately, giving up on Akismet. I loaded Defensio, and then the upgrades work fine. I suggest doing that.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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