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  • Having the same problem using his tool at Any IP address I tried is coming up as blocked including my own.

    I think it’s either on the API side or something on Akismet. I’m leaning towards plugin/api side of things. I think we would of heard a lot of screaming since Akismet plugin is included by default on WP.

    Same problem here, I will check if disabling akismet will fix the problem:

    It’s related to Akismet if you enable the debug code in the plugin Askimet returns back true which means it’s spam for any IP address I tried.



    This caused havoc for me this weekend. I may look through this code, I may look at Spam Master, but from the appearance of this board a lot of people are having trouble.

    The author posted some suggestions here, but I haven’t pursued the log options yet.

    I am running into the same problem as many here recently. My IP is on my white list as an admin so i didn’t notice the problem until just recently. With a little bit of testing (by using my phone with a different IP) I noticed that when I click the “Check an IP address to see if it passes spam checks” link in the options page,the phone’s IP passes. Of note, there is a significant delay (3-5 seconds) part way through the check.
    If I try to register with the phone, I get the error message that tells me to request having my IP added to the white list. Just thought that might be useful information in troubleshooting the problem.
    I don’t recall doing any updates/new plugin installations/major changes to the site prior to this problem.

    Same issue here.

    Same problem, a lot of my normal commentors have being getting deny messages.

    There is new version out tonight with Akismet turned off until I figure out what is going on.


    Thanks Keith, hope you will find a way to involve Akismet again. I am receiving a lot more (Spam) registrations since I disabled the Akismet check.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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