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  • Would like to “use” Akismet, but cannot retrieve the API Key. All “click-on” buttons/links are unresponsive as are several other site features. This condition has been ongoing over past couple weeks as of July 9, 2011 today.

    Has Akismet gone belly up?

    Bill Ford

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  • Are you talking about buttons/links on I can asure we are not belly up 🙂

    Ohhh good…
    Someone finally spotted my inquiry. From the way you make your statement I am assured ‘you’ are a component of the system, since you said “we” are not…… I had two other inquiries previously but never a reply. Hence the reason for thinking tummy-up.

    Okay, you plug-in installed fine, askes for API key. I go to site, click on any of the three “plans”, or Support, or…. etc and nothing seems to happen… as in no response; as if I had not “clicked” on anything. The puzzle is, that condition doesn’t happen on anything else I’ve been on, inlcuding my own WP site.

    Presently, as I type this, my other XP box is installing IE 8 over IE 7. Perhaps that might help… I tried Google Chrome with the same results.

    I must say…. ahhhh…. Joseph, that the Akismet system appears to be up and running based on the current status reports (I’ve clicked on just about everything on your site) and that didn’t “help me get the “key”, so I again posted the report you thankfully responded to.

    What next?

    Bill Ford
    Joshua Tree CA

    ……….. BTW

    I’m getting a lot of “spam” comments originating out of Russia. Since my site is quite new, the “lot of” is at this time amusing and managable.


    Send the details system and browser details to (easier for us to track this issue in our support system) – if we can reproduce the issue of not being able to click on a plan then we should be able to fix it (works fine for me, but I’m not on Windows XP).

    I’d be happy to send the details…. however, up to “this” moment, clicking on support resulted in the “no response” problem. At this moment, my other machine, the XP box (I’m currently typing on an antique Win98SE box while IE8 finishes installing itself on my XP box), so, I’ll wait till I try again under the IE8. What ever results I get, I’ll send a report as you suggest.

    ……..and THANKS, Joseph, for responding to my outcry 😉


    Just email the details to if you are able to fill out the form at

    Master Scott:

    After “waiting” for IE8 to finish doing its thing, I was successful in “clicking on the plan of choice”.

    I conclude then, that any IE version prior to IE-8.xx.xx.xx will result in your “select a plan” and a couple other minor features, non responsive.

    Consider this matter “resolved” and thanks again for your response. I’ll not need to report to your support group.

    Bill Ford
    Joshua Tree in the middle of the Mojave Desert at 109.6° F !!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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