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    Hello, i hope you can help, or at least point me the right direction so i can solve this problem…

    i use your plugin on a theme that uses AJAX,
    the AJAX URL (a URL containing a #! hash fragment) is messing with your background plugin, when i manualy change the url.. al works as it should, but i can’t tell my client that he needs to re- type the url to see the right background.. (all pages have there own background image set and works as a Slideshow)

    here is the site with AJAX URL (#!):!/sandwich-delivery/
    (it keeps using the same image set [on the whole website] that belongs to the page you start your visit on)

    And this is the URL (the way it works like it should):
    (with the last URL i removed the #!/.. when visiting the website.. you should start at the home page:

    Hope you guys can help!

    thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author myatu



    I see, yes. Background Manager won’t be able to work properly, as it is unable to determine what page is being viewed (as reported by WordPress). Your website retrieves the pages content via AJAX and then renders it without actually leaving the landing page (the front page). Unfortunately there’s no immediate work-around for this.

    Hi Myatu! thanks for your super fast reply!
    so i should get the background linked to the content instead of the page? (i understand your plugin isn’t build for that.. i still love it and will use it on my other websites)

    do you think that a AJAX programmer could help me with this?

    other wise i’ll need to build my own theme in the same style but without AJAX.. or find another looking similar..

    thanks for your time and thoughts about this situation!

    Plugin Author myatu


    I think it would be possible to solve the situation with a little extra programming yes.

    The thing that would need to happen, is modify the Javascript to send the URL as noted by the browser, including the portion after the hash, to the AJAX receiving end of WordPress.

    In turn, Background Manager would need to check this, and decipher what the actual page is similar as to how WordPress’ router works – it seems that whatever is added after the hash, is in fact a regular page URL (you could leave out the hash, that is), so that would make things easier.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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