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  1. travellers
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I use WPCalendar embedded in a tabbed div on my pages which is causing me grief because when I click 'Next Month' the whole page reloads, and since the Calendar isn't the default tab you have to click on Calendar again to actually see the content. What I want to achieve is to have the next month load WITHOUT refreshing the page.

    I know its possible because in a different tab I have a NextGen image gallery which span several 'pages' and used to have the same problem there - clicking Next reloaded the whole page and because Gallery isn't the default tab either, you had to reclick that tab to show it - but just by ticking 'Enable AJAX pagination' in Options I was able to cure the problem.

    I found this page which has a brief tutorial on ajaxifying, but I can't figure out where to modify the calendar.
    The page where you can see the 'problem' is here
    Any advice welcome!

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