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  • Aaron Harun


    AJAXed WordPress version 1.13 has been released. The major changes in this version include an optional rich text editor (tinyMCE) for comments, cleaner, smaller and faster JavaScript, inclusion of mootools library. Oh, and for users without JavaScript, features that serve no purpose without JS enabled don’t appear.

    1. Entire Project: Improvements — Many changes and updates for translations to make them more flexible and usable.
    2. AWP Core: Feature — Optional default structural CSS is now included, core.css.php file for modules to add required CSS to, and you can have a AWP specific style sheet in the theme’s aWP folder.
    3. AWP Core: Improvement — Translations now use aWP-xx.po (mo) naming conventions. Default .po file name has been changed to match.
    4. AWP Core: Fix — “Curly quotes” and apostrophes now always display correctly in links.
    5. JS Core: Improvement — The giant switch statements have been removed in favor of custom objects. The result is cleaner and more understandable code.
    6. JS Core: Fix — Smooth scrolling will no longer “traps” users.
    7. JS Core: Improvement — New internal functions to move forms and toggle link texts.
    8. JS Core: Feature — Added mootools support, no effect support yet.
    9. JS Core: Feature — Features that require JS (quicktags, threaded comments) no longer are visible to users without JS. New function AWP::maybe_JS(); will return data in a document.write form if page is not being loaded with AJAX
    10. Admin Core: Improvements — More tweaks to the admin panel.
    11. Clickable Smilies: Feature — Now uses standard metheds. Is fully compatible with Smilies Themer plugin.
    12. Inline Comments: Improvement — Standardized template to make it easier to edit.
    13. Inline Comments: Fix — FIxed function not found error that occurred in WordPress 2.2.
    14. Inline Comments: Feature — Gravatars are now added by default to the comments in WP 2.5.
    15. Inline posts: Fix — Problems that occur when wpautop is disabled is fixed.
    16. Comment Form: Improvement — $input_suffix is now handled internally. Eventually it will be configurable in the admin panel.
    17. Comment Form: Fix — Fixed bug that occurred when the comment form was included into a page, but commenting was disabled.
    18. Comment Form: Improvement — Comment form link now updates with new %count immediately when new comment is submitted.
    19. Comment Form: Improvement — Comment form can optionally be forced to remain in one location.
    20. Rich Text Editor: New Module — Uses tinyMCE to provide a WYSIWYG interface for the comment form.
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