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  • Hello,

    I have been using AJAXed WordPress for some time and think it’s great. I mainly just use it for inline commenting.

    I’m trying to install a plugin called Subscribe-to-Comments that allows users to check a box that will send them email notifications whenever someone replies to a comment they’re following. If I turn AJAXed inline commenting off, this new plugin works. If AJAXed is on, it doesn’t work.

    I don’t think this is a matter of incompatibility — I think it’s just an example of me not knowing how to edit AJAXed properly.

    The Subscribe-to-Comments read me says I need to add this code to insert the checkbox:

    <?php show_subscription_checkbox(); ?>

    Do you have any suggestions about what .php file I should put this code into to get it to work? Somewhere in the comment form? I’ve tried a few different things to no avail.

    Thank you!


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  • place <?php show_subscription_checkbox(); ?> in comments.php after </form>

    tried that. it doesn’t work because AJAXed WordPress overrides the comments.php file. I have the “«—Attempt to modify your theme’s default comment template” option checked in AJAXed WordPress.

    I don’t have the default AJAXed WordPress template enabled because I don’t like the design of it. Subscribe-To-Comments actually works if that is enabled, without me having to change any code.

    If you use the default comment form that comes with AWP, the checkbox is added automatically if the subscribe-to-comments plugin is activates and it should work correctly.

    Selecting the “Attempt to modify your theme’s default comment template” option has no effect on the comment form.


    Thanks, that is true. However i’m not too fond of the default comment form that comes with AWP (as pretty as it is). So how do I modify that template (i.e. which file is it)?



    for clarification, i’d like to keep the comment template the way it is in my current theme. just with AJAX commenting, and “subscribe to comments” checkbox.

    Anyone have any ideas? Help would be much appreciated.

    Bump – I would like an answer to this too.

    Hi Talgalili,

    I rarely check these forums, please post your full question on the support forums here.

    As I said before, the default comment form that comes with AWP works fine with Subscribe to Comments. It should also work with the theme’s default form as long as the theme is edited correctly.

    Also, the template for the AWP comment form is at /modules/inlinecommentform/templates/commentform.php

    I will not be watching for responses.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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