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  • AJAXed WordPress version 1.25 has been released. This version focuses on improving ajaxed navigation and improving existing features.

    Changes in aWP Version 1.25

    1. AJAX Navigation: Improvements — AJAX all option now ignores links with target=”_blank” and rel=”noajax”
    2. AJAX Navigation: Improvements — When AJAX URL cannot be parsed, the user is redirected automatically.
    3. AJAX Navigation: Improvements — Prettier links when navigating — full URLS are replaced with awp::someurl.
    4. AJAX Navigation: Improvements
      Only local URLs can be loaded — no URLs with “://” in them will be loaded ever.
    5. AJAX Navigation: Improvements — Seperater will only appear when both previous and next post or posts links are needed.
    6. AJAX Navigation: Improvements — Links with a target of _top no longer load inline.
    7. AJAX Navigation: Improvements — Updated large throbber.
    8. AJAX Navigation: Improvements — HTML entities are now converted to characters before beign inserted into page title.
    9. AJAX Navigation: Improvements — Mouse cursor is changed to “wait” when ajax content is loading.
    10. AJAX Navigation: Improvements — Added ability to use CURL — allows cookies to be sent with AJAX pages! .
    11. Entire Project: Improvements — If required divs are not found, user is automatically sent to destination.
    12. Entire Project: Improvements — Added ability to use qtranslate style tags in link texts. .
    13. Entire Project: Improvements — Fixed header error .
    14. Entire Project: Improvements — Added filters to link texts and improved entity support for pages loaded with AJAX.
    15. Compatibility Module: Improvements — Added thickbox support, by Manfred
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  • Hello, could you please list the ‘required divs’ you mention in .1
    I think that might be the crucial missing factor in my uber minimal theme usage, and the reason the ajax isn’t effecting.

    Thanks very much 🙂

    Fixed my problem~~

    Silly mistake perhaps, but couldn’t find the answer on the web.
    Hadn’t included
    <?php wp_head(); ?>
    in the header of my super-stripped down theme so it wasn’t calling the js necessary to run awp.

    Also if you select prototype js library in awp it conflicts with lightbox. Choose another library and that also was fixed straight away.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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