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  1. Shelby DeNike
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I know that Ajax for the most part is over hyped up... but this is a very nice use of Ajax. http://www.mad4milk.net/moo_video.html ... I would love to see an admin section like this come to WordPress. I know th 1.6 is supposed to have some glitter and glam to it but this would be amazing.

  2. XeroCool
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Now, that is what I would like to see in WP 1.6. Although, WP 1.6 isn't close yet to being done. It has ajax categories (Thats what I heard), but thats all I know.

  3. Shelby DeNike
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Yeah the catagories is all that I have heard as well... But yeah a backend like this would make wordpress even more enjoyable to use, and prob a bit quicker since there is no page reloading... I assume it would be a real pain to build something like this but in the end I think it would make WordPress stand out even more.

  4. justinbaeder
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I posted this on another thread, but I'll say it here too since this one is newer.

    I was posting the other day, and my browser crapped out and said "Server not found." I hit refresh, and the site was indeed there (just a random glitch, or perhaps my internet connection hiccuped for a second). But my post was gone. I hit "back," and my post was still gone. History.

    Today, I was using Gmail, but wasn't connected to the Internet. I wrote my message and hit "send", not remembering that I wasn't connected. Gmail noticed, and told me I was offline without losing the message. This is built in via Ajax. I connected, retried, and my message sent.

    I'm sure the lost post scenario has happened thousands of times to thousands of people - every one of us has lost a post, no doubt. Even if you save drafts frequently, you're still relying on an HTML form submission to save your post, which can be messed up by a number of things. Ajax-ifying the WP write interface would allow WP to confirm that a connection is available, send the post data, and only reload the page after it received confirmation that the post was saved. It may or may not be faster (e.g., compare gmail to hotmail), but it would be a lot more reliable.

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