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  • Hello everyone, I have a question for you guys… I’ve been looking for an answer to it everywhere with no luck.
    I have a wordpress blog, i would like to dynamically load a post content (not inline) upon clicking a link on my home.
    Now, do you think:
    1)this is possible (I guess so)
    2)what will happen to my permalink? I mean, if I add facebook & twitter share, how will I make them work? If someone shares my page, will he not share only the baseURL?
    3)Even if I manage to share the correct permalink, then when people click on it from say Twitter, they will not be able to see the correct page and graphics, because my posts are styled to fit in graphics (so no header/footer).

    is the answer to this a jQuery plugin, something like this?

    Well what do yoiu think? Any answer is deeply appreciated… Thx!

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